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Nov 13, 2009 03:47 PM

Cooking Dinner for a new BF.....what do you think

Apps - cheese plate...this I am very comfortable with this

green salad - again no problem

Main course - I am making a brisket ( i know alot of food for 2 people - but I am in the mood) - there are potatos that will cook with the brisket
roasted brussel spouts and cauliflower

Dessert - Key lime pie.

Does this work?

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  1. I would mash the cauliflower to mimic mashed potatoes, but different, and give it that feeling of comfort food....or simply mash the potatoes. There's a saying in the restaurant business.....* Anything can be sold and taste better with mashed potatoes*.

    Everything else is great..........maybe some horseradish cream or brown gravy for the beef brisket just in case the beef is dry.?

    1. For some reason, the key lime pie just doesn't close for me. This seems to be a comfort food menu, I am picturing an apple pie or some kind of cake. I am sure it is just me.

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        It's not just you -- I had a "what the?" moment when I saw the Key Lime Pie on the menu. I also agree with the cautionary note regarding Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Many people hate them both (not me).

      2. Do you know that he likes Brussels sprouts and cauliflower? Many people don't (I pity them). And how new is new? Those cruciferous vegetables produce flatulence in most people; if you are on your best behavior, trying to hold back the tide is going to make for an unpleasant evening! Green beans, creamed spinach, or glazed carrots would be safer. I agree with mashed potato because brisket has such a nice gravy.

        IMO, key lime pie is more suitable for a lighter summer meal. I would go with a more autumnal pie like apple or sweet potato, or a spice cake or carrot cake.

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        1. re: greygarious

          I agree. There are "safer" vegetables. Side-effects or not, those two are probably on the short list of least favorites, rightly or wrongly. Also depending on how long the brisket cooks, OP may want to add the potatoes well into the cooking process so they retain some bite. I recently did that with a beef stew and it made a great deal of difference.

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            Another vote for making sure he likes those vegetables. I'm a fan, but it took a long time to convince my husband (eventually did though!).

          2. I'm with Graygarious about making sure that the BF likes what you're going to put in front of him -- unless you want to see how graciously he handles dealing with something (in my case, it would be Brussels sprouts, though I'm sure that somebody, somewhere must like them). More than once, I've been surprised with fish, which my constitution can't handle. Disappointing to everybody when you have to say "no."

            That said, I'd be thrilled to eat the meal you're suggesting; I'd even make a brave try at the sprouts. If it doesn't work out with the BF, let me know!

            1. It sounds good but I would omit the potatoes from the brisket, add some baby carrots to the brisket, and serve the brisket and carrots over polenta. And skip the brussels sprouts and cauliflower. I love them, but you are serving salad, so I don't think it's necessary to have more vegetables. Plus, as others have said, not everyone is so excited to see brussels own husband would die before he would eat one!

              And another vote against key lime pie....I would suggest something with chocolate.