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Nov 13, 2009 01:19 PM

Lost 1985 Gourmet Cranberry Chutney Recipe

Usually make a couple of cranberry sauces for Thanksgiving including a classice version of Ocean Spray back of the bag. But I also like to make a spicy/tangy sauce. A number of years ago I made a cranberry chutney recipe from Gourmet that was excellent, but I can not find it in my stash of cut out recipes or cards. So if you know of a link to the 1985 recipe or you have it (modified with any improvements you have made), I would like it and my guests would too. Otherwise they will suffer with another year of the cranberry onion confit or a cranberry ginger/cayenne sauce. Much thanks.

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    1. re: adrienne156

      I have the recipe - Gourmet 1984 - where can I email....mine is

    2. Cranberry Chutney from Gourmet Magazine, November 1982

      1. Believe it or not, I have the same problem! I have just emailed 2 folks to whom I believe I may have faxed the recipe in the past couple of years. If I locate it, I will contact you ASAP.

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        1. re: barbara_thomas

          Thanks. It is crazy to get obsessive, but you know how it is...

        2. I did a project in their kitchen in the 80's and the cranberry sauce they made had orange pieces and green chilles. Any chance that was it?

          1. Hey I was just trashing the house looking for my issue of Gourmet that I've used the last 12 years to make chutney from and couldn't find it. My wife just found this recipe that looks exactly like what I remember. Hope I'm not too late. also on epicurious