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Nov 13, 2009 01:08 PM

Salute' - Milford, CT (formerly Bennigan's location)

Since I know there was some chatter on this place, wanted you to see a friendly reply from a "PR person" at Salute' . . .

Go to this link and scroll down and you will see it, from 'salutepr':

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  1. Currently, you can find gift certificates at for Salute for half price.

    1. Dined there tonight (Thursday). Arrived around 7:15 PM on a snowy, icy evening. We were quite impressed with the atmosphere. There was a live piano player who started shortly after we arrived. Later, a DJ was going to be performing. The food was quite good and I was most impressed with the very very fair prices. Fried calamari were very crisp and tender. Tomato Mozzarella was very good with a balsamic reduction but did need some salt. House salads were fresh and crisp with nice greens. My son had the ravioli which were incredible and just like the menu says "ENORMOUS." My husband had the filet mignon with red wine and mushroom sauce. Looked beautiful and he said was cooked perfectly and tender. I had the zuppe di pesce with white sauce. All the seafood within including mussels, shrimp, bay scallops and half a lobster were cooked perfectly. I ate the entire thing and then finished all the remaining broth with my spoon. My tiramisu dessert was excellent but not much coffee flavor, which actually was to my liking but someone else may not think so great. My husband and son shared a hot chocolate dessert with ice cream and whipped cream which they both enjoyed. Overall, I was quite impressed. Staff were all very nice. Our server did a great job; however, it was a very slow night. They are offering lots of events like dancing and discount nights. Please try it. I think you will like it for yet another Italian option in the Milford area.

      Also, I wanted to add that the raised bar area in the center of the restaurant seemed quite enjoyable as a less formal place to dine and if you wanted to be closer to the live piano.

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        If you are in Milford, you probably get a magazine- type coupon book periodically(can't remember the name right now and its in my car, will update later). The one I got yesterday included 50% off lunch and dinner coupons for Salute'. I hope they survive- so far, reviews have been pretty favorable.

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          Jen: I know; I saw it but I tossed it in the garbage on Wednesday night. I even tried to dig down into my trash compacter to see if I could find it before we went last night, but I got grossed out and decided it wasn't worth it. When I see the discount coupons, it always worries me that the place won't survive. The prices really were incredible.

      2. Drove by yesterday and noticed that Salute' is out - sign gone, etc.

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          My friend emailed me an update. (Her cousin just got hired there believe it or not). She said: "Salute is open right now until Sunday, June 13. There changing the whole place, and the new sign will be going up on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Presto is the new place. Same management, just a revamping I guess." Wish them well.