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Nov 13, 2009 12:26 PM

best cole slaw?

My grandmother used to make brilliant cole slaw. It contained cabbage, of course, and some kind of wet stuff (mayonnaise?), and lots of celery seed. The family recipe is now lost, and our attempts to recreate it from memory have failed miserably.

At this point, my pride is shattered, and I'm quite willing to buy some slaw from a deli or market. Any suggestions as to sources of good, tasty and interesting slaw? Maybe with a hint of horseradish?

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  1. Langer's does a solid, traditional slaw. No horseradish, though, but very good flavor.

    1. Where is your grandmother from? Was she from the South? You could google traditional southern coleslaw and start playing around. Good Luck, I feel your pain.

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        It hadn't occurred to me that region was a factor, but it certainly makes sense. Grandmom was from St. Louis and was born in 1900, so her recipe might well have had a Southern influence and would have used traditional ingredients.

        Thanks for the response so far!

      2. Any discussion about cole slaw should include that from the Pantry.

        While I would not buy it from the Pantry and take it home, the recipe has been published. I have made it a number of times and taken it to parties and BBQs. It is wonderful fresh.

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          While I like The Pantry's slaw and have made it from the recipe published in The Times, frequently at the restaurant it is too watery for me and somewhat bland. No amount of salt and pepper can revive it.

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            The basic coleslaw recipe from the Pantry, I think, is classic. That is why I have kept it and
            used it with minor adjustments to taste.

          2. My grandmother also made great cole slaw. Alas, she too has passed on, but I I actually have her recipe somewhere. Once I dig it up, perhaps I'll put it up on the Home Cooking board. It was a spicy slaw; lots of celery seed was involved. There was mayo, but also sour cream, I think. It was actually very similar to the cole slaw served at the late, lamented (by some) Love's BBQ here in SoCal. If anyone reading this actually has the Love's recipe, I have a hunch that would satisfy your hankering.

            I've never found cole slaw anywhere that measures up. The only ones I like are the Pantry and Philippe's. Surprisingly, I found a rather tasty cole slaw dressing in the supermarket. I'll check the bottle at home, but I think the brand was "Lighthouse." Nice & tangy. I added more celery seed to it, and was quite pleased with the result.

            1. Ina's (Barefoot Contessa) cole slaw is my absolute hands down favorite. I make it all the time. You should be able to look it up on the foodnetwork site under her name - try it! Oh and if you do, I typically double the vegetables and half the dressing and it is plenty and not drowned.

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                Brents Deli Westkake Village or Northridge.