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Nov 13, 2009 12:09 PM

Furusato - Edmonton

We decided on the spur of the moment to revisit this institution. Both the SO and I had vague bad memories of the place from a few years back but thought it time to try again. What a disappointment! The portions of fish were so large as to lose the delicacy that I want with my sushi. The one roll we had (rainbow) was poorly constructed with pieces cut such that it was impossible to eat an intact piece. The individual peices we ordered had an inconsistent amount of rice around the nori and were very loose. The service was pleasant but slow. There was no wasabi on our sushi. Even our toro was sinewy ! Even the little piles of wasabi and ginger were very amateurish looking.

Overall, having been spoiled for years by Joe at Matsuya in Sherwood Park and some great sushi houses around the continent, we could not understand what people like about this place. It did have the best variety we have run into in the city, but this is not a place to which I would return.

I know others have raved about this place...what am I missing?

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  1. Hey foodiesnorth, hopefully the bad memories didn't set you up. And, it can be hard to compare when you have a soft spot elsewhere. I haven't had a bad experience yet (knock on wood), and hopefully won't. I have some pictures up on my blog ( of my last visit. As a sashimi guy, I don't typically go into the rolls, but my father orders a rainbow every time I think. and it's never let him down. I will say, I've seen the pieces of fish vary (never too much), but I've seen this at all sushi restaurants. Sorry to hear about the experience though. As someone who sits at the sushi bar a fair amount, I know Dave (the GM) takes a lot of pride in what they offer.

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      The product was amongst the worst we have seen at a sushi bar. We eat sushi a few times a month (and often a few times a week). Sinewy toro is not acceptable anywhere. The rolls really just fell apart and even the nori was tough. If it was just a bad night it was a REALLY bad night. I have had rainbow rolls elsewhere and they always look like art: this was a few pieces of fish hacked inexpertly and placed with little thought on a badly rolled roll. I do not purport any particular sushi expertise, but I do have it enough to know good from bad.

      I much prefer a thinner slice of fish for sushi, but maybe this is just a different style. I will though, on your advise, try it again with an open mind (I promise). The pictures on your blog look better than what we had, but I see the rainbow roll was as bady put together as our evening's meal. I just think sushi needs to be thinner than sashimi and it seems that philosophy is not shared by this resto. Thin slices look better and taste better because you get a bit of everything that way.

      Three strikes though and any resto is out of my playlist.

      1. re: foodiesnorth

        Tell me how you really feel foodiesnorth. ;) It's good to get the thoughts out, and giving a restaurant a few go's always seems fair in my mind, and as someone who enjoys furusato, hopefully you don't hit the third strike. I'll swing out to Matsuya one of these days and check it out.

        1. re: raidar

          Prepared to be spoiled....but the menu is much much smaller.

      2. re: raidar

        The restaurant recently changed hands, and is owned by a Vietnamese family now. I won't be going back anytime soon.

        1. re: dingmah

          Unless something has happened recently, It's been in the hands of the new owner for some time now. While the oldest itamae left, the GM is still the same and is still preparing behind the counter, while his mother still cooks in the kitchen. Not a huge change in the big picture of things..I would hope regardless of who owns the establishment, you don't hold anything culturally against them.