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Nov 13, 2009 11:50 AM

Having Pizza for dinner w/salad....need idea for a nice...

light salad dressing. Thanks.

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  1. I'm suprised no one responded to you yet.
    I like seasoned rice wine vinegar, a little dijon, and a good EVOO. Rice vinegar is nice and light, (less acidic), use a ratio of 3:1 oil to vinegar, or even 2:1 if you like it a little sharper and less oily, with a little sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Heartier greens can take more vinegar.

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      This is what I'l do. Thanks bushwickgirl!

      1. re: Rheta

        Minced shallot, good olive oil, sherry or champagne or red wine vinegar, a little dijon and S&P and voila! Classic vinaigrette... Keeps for 2-3 days in fridge. adam