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Nov 13, 2009 11:23 AM

Best Pecan Pie? What about Carrot Cake?

I need dessert help for both of the above.

For Thanksgiving, I would like to BUY a pecan pie. We have tried Hoosier Mama and Goddess & Grocer's pecan pies, but neither were very good. They both had way too may nuts, almost through to the bottom and not enough of the filling. Does anyone know of one that has a lot of filling with less nuts (as in maybe jsut on the top)? A good crust and taste is a must, of course. We are purists, so no chocolate or bourbon, please!

For this weekend, I'd like to buy a carrot cake. The cake must be really moist and have great flavor (some can be kind of hard and pretty bland), and good icing is a must with some sweetness. I have to say, I like Smith & Wolensky's a lot as the cake is fabulous, but they do not sell whole cakes, and if they did, I do not think I could afford it.

Thanks for the help! My stomach thanks you!

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I find too many pecan pies overdo the goop and shortchange on pecans.

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      Lol. Those sound like real pecan pies. I miss my grandma's house in Mississippi. She, and all her neighbors, had pecan trees in their yard. I remember the first time I went to a church Sunday dinner. There were four pecan pies, all made by different ppl. All of them had pecans almost all the way through to the bottom. I'm gonna get to Hoosier Mama VERY soon for a real pecan pie. Real pecan pies are hard to find up north here.

      ljero - I don't have a suggestion on where to get one, sorry, but I will swear on my life that it will be by far the easiest pie you will ever make. There's like 5 ingredients in the goop. No recipe needed. 3 eggs, 1cup of corn syrup, (I use fake cheap pancake syrup,) 1/2 cup of sugar (most recipes call for more, but I prefer it less sweet,) a dash of vanilla, and a few tbs of melted butter I know that sometimes, purchasing one is better, but a trip to the store, an oven, and about an hour is all you need to make one, or ten. Good luck on your search!

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        Good answe!! --home made is always my favorite. I'll be giving this a try myself! Thanks.

    2. Zelda's Sweet Shio in Skokie makes an excellent Pecan Pie -

      1. If you like a pecan pie with more filling, try Costco. My office mates really liked the one I got for them around the holidays. Try it... Bon app├ętit!!