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Nov 13, 2009 10:35 AM

In Boston one night only - what restaurant should we go to?

Hi all. My girlfriend and i are foodies from new york who will be in boston one night, and we probably won't come back again for awhile. Is there a can't-miss eating opportunity in Boston? we're more interested in something reasonably priced and unique to the town than a 4-star french restaurant which is similar to new york's 4-star french restaurants. Thanks.

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  1. As you can tell from looking at this board, there are lots of great places to eat in Boston. To help you, the board members will need some more information.

    Where will you be staying? What types of food do you like (and not like)? Do you want a formal place or something more informal? Do you have a budget? Do you want a restaurant that is uniquely Boston or just great?

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      We're staying out in the suburbs (melrose), but i'm thinking we might want to walk around a south end (though i'd be interested in any suggestions as to neighborhoods to visit as well). We towards informal and a price range of entrees under $30, apps under $20, but if there's something really terrific for more money/more formality, we'd certainly consider it.

      Thanks for the help!

    2. If you haven't been, a unique experience in Boston is visiting, walking around and dining in Boston's North End, essentially Boston's little Italy. Some of the more popular spots would be Neptune Oyster on Salem Street for delicious seafood: fried clams, lobster rolls, etc; Prezza on Fleet Street is widely considered by many to be the best Italian restaurant in Boston, I guess you might call it upscale Northern Italian cuisine (no red sauces here) but it is expensive but maybe not by NY standards.

      Neptune Oyster
      63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

      Prezza Restaurant
      24 Fleet St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

      1. Neptune Oyster for dinner, then drinks at Drink - both unique and amazing Boston spots.

        Also, Prezza is always good, but I would not recommend to New Yorkers who also have terrific Northern Italian options (and that map showing up with it on the MFA grounds is just totally wrong - it's in the North End near Neptune Oyster).

        Neptune Oyster
        63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

        348 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210

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          orinoco in the south end - venezualan, great bar, not ny vibe at all