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Nov 13, 2009 10:03 AM

Martha Stewart I Can do Without, But Her Enamel Cast iron Pots?

It never ends. The day I finally decide to splurge and buy an LC 5.5 Qt. Azur blue factory second for $140.00, the Macy's flyer arrives. It had MS's enameled cast iron 7QT. for $70-80. While I find MS, at best, an annoying know it all, could her pots be another story?

Times being what they are, the allure of a bargain is very, very tempting, especially at half the price of the LC.

Help! ( I really want to keep the LC). Thanks in advance. Toby1355

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  1. Sounds like you picked up the same one I did. I got the 5.5 in red and the 3.5 in the blue.
    Loving both of them!

    I don't have any experience with MS line, but we'll see if this link will post.
    The reviews on amazon avg 3 stars. They state it cooks well, but the enamel chips easily.

    Personally, I've got a 6.75qt oval LC on my wish list.. keep hoping to find a 2nd locally but may go up to the outlets soon.

    1. I just want to comment that your title is very funny.

      1. I had one of her pots chip on me. I don't think they're made well at all.

        If you do go the MS route, scrutinize every inch and tap it in different places with something solid but that won't scratch, like a wooden spoon. It's been a few years, but I'm pretty sure it was a bubble in the enamel, that, when pressure was applied to it, it popped, exposing the iron.

        1. toby1355, reading the amazon reviews as well as the "chipping" post here, it would seem that you are getting what you pay for with the MS line. I have some LC pieces that are more than 40 years old and they have never chipped with all these years of hard use. Never.

          Doing some quick math, if I had saved the $70 you might save by buying MS instead of LC, that would translate to a savings of less than $2 per year for my 40 years of problem-free use.

          Resist the allure of this tempting bargain. You get what you pay for in the case of LC.
          "Buy in haste, repent at leisure" = motto for the MS line.

          NB: I was cautioned at one Amazon reviewer mentioning the plastic handles on the MS ......... this will keep you from using the MS pots for baking the great "No Knead Bread". Just another thought in the arsenal of reasons to buy quality. The plastic is also likely to have issues long before the metal LC handles.

          If the dollars are truly a deal-breaker, Lodge cast iron is a great option and will save a lot of money.

          1. I have the MS 5.5 qt "chili pot" from Macys (and there is a batch of chili cooking in it now ) at $49.95 - 10% it was a great deal. It has served me well though I have nothing to compare it to. It has gotten stained but so is my mother-in-law's LC

            I did see in Bed Bath and Beyond the Henkles (who now owns Staub) now has a line of cast iron that is Made In France if I remember correctly it was $140 for the 7 qt - the ubiquitous 20% coupon

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              Question: Where is the MS product made?