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Nov 13, 2009 09:50 AM

Horn and Hardart's Rice Pudding, Chocolate Pudding, Egg Custard

Yes I am dating myself. When I was a youngster, my grandmother took me on many to Horn and Hardart on either 54th and City Line or in the Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center for countless meals. I always loved that place.

H and H sold their desserts and baked goods to retail customers as well as those who dined at the restaurant. If anyone out there remembers those puddings......rice, chocolate, and egg custard, please speak up! The rice pudding was creamy, with cinnamon overtones, and fat moist raisins throughout. The chocolate pudding was made from real cocoa, with a dark chocoate flavor. The egg custard was delicate yet eggy and sweet.

Does anyone have an idea where i could find some rice pudding that even comes close to H and H?

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  1. the H&H egg custard was a fav in my house in the late 50's.
    don't remember the choc pudding as my mother always made her own with My-T-Fine.

    Remember Junket?

    For the best rice pudding in NYC visit Rice to Riches on Spring Street.
    Check out their site.

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      I do remember Junket, and I just wish someone would make it again! It was kindl of like instant custard if i remember correctly. You just mixed the ingredients with milk, heated, poured into cups and cooled. I live in Chappaqua, and found a place there that makes fabulous egg custard, and a very tasty rice pudding that is good, but not quite as good as the egg custard. Langes Deli-----both are homemade.

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        I also remember HH mac and cheese and Ebinger's black out. Arthur Schwartz had the receipe for the mac and cheese but when I made it it was not as I remember. I wish someone kept copies of all these lost great receipes.

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        Junket rennet custard is still sold they even have a web site that you can order from. I remember the Tapioca pudding from Horn and Hardart with the big tapioca pearls in it... Loved it

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            Yes...fondly! Mom made it all the time. I was also fascinated with H&H. Those places were great!

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            1. Remember the Baked Macaroni in a tomato cream sauce? We lived in Jersey and Philly and we were regular H&H customers in 3 states. There is a H&H cookbook out, but I'm not sure it's authentic because the cookbook recipe for macaroni is just another mac n' cheese variation. Our favorite H&H takeouts were the Health Salad and the Applesauce Cake, but I still drool for that Baked Macaroni from the Automat!

              1. This recipe written in the Inquirer in early 80's by Elaine Tait is supposed to be the H&H recipe. l have been making it since then.l duplicated their baked beans and mac/cheese as well.

                1 1/3 cups raw rice
                5 1/2 cups milk
                1 can sweetened condensed milk
                2 eggs well beaten
                6 oz sugar
                grated nutmeg to taste
                1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
                1 tsp fresh lemon juice
                1 cup raisins

                Wash rice, place in saucepan with 3 cups water and bring to boil. Cook uncovered over low heat until water absorbed and rice tender, @ 20 minutes. Rinse in colander and drain well.

                Return rice to saucepan with milk and condensed milk. Cook over low heat until there is just a thin layer of milk over the rice.
                Remove from heat, add eggs, sugar, vanilla, lemon and nutmeg
                Plump raisins in boiling water for a few minutes, then add. Mix all together.
                Put in serving bowl and with strainer add ground cinnamon over the surface and refrigerate overnight.

                1. Horn & Hardart Rice Pudding was the best. Some days after school I would go to the Horn & Hardart retail shop on Broadway around 78th Street and buy a container of the rice pudding and a box of four of the flat top cone shaped chocolate glazed cupcakes and I think I consumed it all.

                  Also really liked their cucumber salad, which had plenty of onion in it.