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Nov 13, 2009 09:31 AM

Hidden gems in Robinson/Oakdale area of Pittsburgh?

We have recently moved from West Virginia to the 'burbs of Pittsburgh, specifically the Oakdale/Robinson area, and were looking for some recommendations on local/independent restaurants in the area (we are so happy to be getting away from the chain restaurant culture of WV) and suggestions for the best grocery shopping. We checked out the new Market District in Robinson last weekend, and were overwhelmed by both prices and crowds, so really don't want to return, at least not until the novelty wears off. Thanks!

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  1. One place that I like right in Oakdale is called Pepporchini's. It was just a take out pizza place that was expanded into a restaurant. I write a little about it here:

    If you head toward the Moon Township area (very close) there are a number of good places. Armstrongs comes to mind which is off of Thorn Run Road and a place on Narrows Run Road called Wings, Suds and Spuds is a good casual wing joint. Another that you may like is called Downey's House which is on Steubenville Pike toward's the city. Casual eating, but very good and a pretty good value.

    1. There is a farmer's market a few miles off the route 30 Clinton exit, past the airport as you are heading out of town.
      In Robinson, I like All Star (across from the mall) for happy hour/bar food. Bocktown (across from Target) also has good sandwiches. I second Armstrong's in Moon- delicious.

      1. Here are a few suggestions. Not exactly in the area you specified, but not far, either.

        Golden Pig


        Armstrong’s - take out

        Bronze Hood

        Mendoza Express

        We're not talkin' high end, here, just good grub in local spots.

        Golden Pig
        3201 Millers Run Rd, Cecil, PA 15321

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          I'll second the Golden Pig in Cecil. It's a very small place but the woman that took care of me on my visit was tremendous! I can't recall what I had, but she kept giving me samples of other things on the menu and all were terrific. It's not real easy to find from Oakdale though...

          I forgot about the Bronze Hood. Its just about across the street from Downey's House. All of the previous suggestions are pretty good local joints.

          Golden Pig
          3201 Millers Run Rd, Cecil, PA 15321

          Downey's House
          6080 Steubenville Pike, Mc Kees Rocks, PA 15136

        2. these are not hidden gems by any means. but if not from the area you may find them to be acceptable alternatives. They are pat "local" chains and I'm not sure how their quality compares with other locations - I'm sure we'll find out shortly!
          Mad Mex & Atria's were my 2 thoughts.

          1. If you're interested in great beer, here's the Creek House.

            From Robinson, you would go down hill on Rt. 60 until you get to the bottom and go across a long bridge. The Creek House will be on the right.