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Nov 13, 2009 09:10 AM

Is Gimchi still in business?

Per Tom Fitzmorris' email newsletter today, Sid-Mar's is reopening in the Metairie location of the "former Gimchi." Seems like I was just there a few months ago. Did it shutdown? If so, are there other alternatives for korean BBQ around town? I am familiar with Korea House in Fat City but I liked Gimchi much better.

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  1. Word is they closed due to differences between the owners. It is a shame, because the place seemed to be hitting its stride and was one of my favorite lunch spots.

    1. Is Korea House worth a try, now that Gimchi is gone? I've never been; I don't know too much about Korean food, so I'd probably be a pretty easy sell, but I don't like noodle dishes and such if they get too greasy.

      Korea House
      3547 18th St, Metairie, LA 70002

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        I'm not crazy about Korea House. The food was ok, I suppose, but the restaurant smelled really smoky and was totally lacking in terms of atmosphere. I had just moved here from Houston when I tried it, and to be perfectly honest, the Fat City neighborhood also turned me off a bit. It just seemed dingy and I guess that might have clouded my opinion of the restaurant. So, I'm probably not a good one to ask.

        That being said, my husband asked me the same question when we discovered Gimchi was closed, and I told him I would rather live with the memory of Gimchi than go back to Korea House again.

      2. Sid-mars, which used to be in Bucktown will replace the Gimchi restaurant.

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          That was stated in the first sentence on the original post