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Nov 13, 2009 08:38 AM

Five Points / Lower Downtown advice (Denver)

Need some advice as I'm not very familiar with this area. I'm gonna be going to the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom for an event next week and I'm looking to grab an early dinner nearby. I may be in the area around 6 pm while happy hours are still running so I'd appreciate those ideas as well.

Budget is $25-30/pp, open to any cuisines. May also consider Lower Downtown - how far of a walk would it be?

I saw this thread about soul food and some of the advice sounded good:
Are these places going to be open at night time? It sounds like Yazoos is St. Louis style 'cue based on the ribs, but the "Bob" sounds pretty delicious - can anyone comment further?

Jonesy's EatBar sounds real promising especially for happy hour too. Big fan of craft beer here, so how is their beer selection? Drafts/bottles? What dishes would you recommend? Otherwise, Great Divide's taproom appears to be pretty closeby so I may get my beer fix over there.

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  1. Nothing that I can think of is a real close walk. About a mile to anything, including Jonesy's or the ballpark area.

    Jonesy's is a great choice, and has a good beer list with usualy a few pretty unique special selections from local breweries. Draft and bottle.

    Steubens is just another couple blocks.

    Panzano has a great happy hour.

    I have not been to The Lobby yet, but it is on my list and looks like a good happy hour

    909 17th St., Denver, CO 80202

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      I have been to the Lobby once and liked it, am going back next week to give it another try.

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        I liked the service at The Lobby, the food not so much, save for the burger. But I'd like to give it another try too, since I went shortly after it opened.

        Jonesy's is fun. Rec the fries; get 'em half-and-half.

    2. I was going to send the OP to the place that took over from the Kapre, between 27th and 28th on Welton. Could never remember the "new" name (even though it's bn at least 6 years), so I googled "Kapre" and found out the "new" incarnation, Stage Two, just closed down October 5. FWIW I disagree with Patricia Calhoun as to it "never being the same" after the change from the Kapre, I am almost positive that the same nice lady continued doing the cooking. Her daughter (or helper, I guess she could have been, but it seemed like a family relationship) once told me that when they got to their 400th piece of chicken every day, that's when they closed up and went home. I thought that was cool--fry 400 pieces of chicken, then go home, whether it's 4 PM or 8 PM. I did get the last 5 pieces--a 3 piece "dinner" and a 2 piece "lunch"-- one night at 6:45, and I got shut out once at 8 ("Boy, they done left a hour ago!")

      Kitchen was in, but seemed kind of separate from, a decidedly funky Five Points bar. Only ate in a couple times, when by myself.

      All irrelevant now, but that was some GOOD fried chicken.

      1. Air,
        I've been to Yazoo recently and for your purposes would probably steer you away. It is a true dive. The ribs are very good, but it's basically a take out counter and that's it.

        In the area that people are talking about, I like Steubens a lot (lobster roll), and Cheeky Monk on Broadway serves up excellent beer. I also hear good things about Jonesy's EatBar, especially the Pan Roasted Pork Tenderloin, which is on the challenge list of 100 must eats in Denver that I'm eating my way through.


        Cheeky Monk
        534 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203

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          Cheeky Monk is on E. Colfax, a considerable distance -- but Jason Sheehan did just give it a thumbs-up review -- when he wasn't discoursing about Belgian food of his mother's style of entertaining when he was a lad.

          I don't really know where the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is. Would you consider Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza (2129 Larimer) or or Buenos Airea Pizza (1319 22nd St .) too far afield? Both are kind of on the fringes of Five Points. Or the aforementioned Jonesy's EatBar (400 E. 20th St.)?

          Cheeky Monk
          534 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203

        2. Thank you for all the advice - I think I'll try and make it for happy hour at Jonesy's. I was hoping to park at the venue and then walk to grab a bite, guess I'll be driving.

          1. Despite all the useful info, we ran into some snags and ended up not being able to make it out in time for happy hour.

            However I'm not coming back empty handed. We had an amazing dinner at Mecca Grill, a Lebanese restaurant in Wash Park. I'll put up a thread for them as a quick search turned no hits.