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Nov 13, 2009 08:25 AM

Dinner for 5 next Friday night- late 30's birthday- not crazy, but not low key

Hi there,

I'm organizing a small birthday dinner for my roommate next Friday night. Something with great food, preferably east side, and not a crazy atmosphere (should be able to hear each other), but nothing real low key either.

Looking for italian, mexican, american... no Chinese or Indian. Looking at maybe $30 a person before drinks. I also realize most places will be full of rsvp's, so some place that may not have a crazy wait would be great.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. Try Felice on 64th and 1st - Italian, small plates, cheeses, meats - all really tasty and pretty reasonably priced. You may even be able to make a reservation for a party of 5.