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Nov 13, 2009 08:10 AM

Hickory smoked all beef sausage

Hi. I'm looking for the name of the company that sells smoked all beef sausage during the CNE.
The sausage itself resembles a tube of salami. They also make Jerky. During the 2009 CNE the sausage retailed for $17 for one tube and almost $40 for three tubes. The vendor was located in the Direct Energy Ctr. My kids loved it and i'm hoping to be able to get more! I'd appreciate any info that someone may have. Thanks :)

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  1. If it was in a cloth casing, you might be referring to Mennonite-style summer sausage. I bought some last year at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair at the CNE. We got two whole summer sausages and two packages of frozen bratwursts for $40. This year's Winter Fair is on right now at the CNE, and there's a possibilty the folks you're looking for are there. These types of vendors often attend various events throughout the year. It might be worth a trip to the CNE this weekend to find out.

    1. Could you be referring to Hickory Farms? I know they sell online and at all these fairs. Now that brings back some childhood memories.

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        Was it Carmichael's? They seem to have booths set up at most cottage/home shows as well.

        They have excellent pepperettes.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions but it isn't any of the fore mentioned :( The booth has always been the same. The back walls resemble a red barn. I guess i'll have to continue with my quest :)