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Nov 13, 2009 06:39 AM

Fresh seafood Lynn/Swampscott area

I'm tired of hitting or missing with fresh seafood at the local supermarkets in my area and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good seafood store in the mentioned area. I think there is a shop attached to the Hawthorne's in Swampscott and there is Andy's Seafood on Route 1.
Anybody been to either?


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  1. There's a good fish store in Nahant, just as you get into town from the peninsula road -- sorry, can't remember the name, but have had good luck there.

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      Nahant Fish and Lobster on Nahant Road is great, I get lobsters from there almost every weekend in the summer. Go see Tano, he'll take care of you.

    2. I have very good luck at The Lobster Company in Marblehead. It's a small place off the beaten path. But worth finding. I also love Rowand Fisheries in Beverly (just over the bridge), but it doesn't sound like that's a good location for you. I have not been to Hawthorne's or Andy's.

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        Thank you! I'll start with Nahant F&L. They're about a 5 minute drive.

      2. Marblehead has Marblehead Lobster Company off of Beacon Street, diver scallops the size of your fists! My favorite fish market is Rowand's in Beverly right off of the bridge. They have amazingly fresh seafood and have daily specials. I have also been told of a fish market on Bennett Street in Lynn that is supposed to be fantastic. Although Whole Foods is right there in Swampscott, I try to support the local fish markets like Rowands. R.I.P. Busters on bridge street, you will be missed!

        1. The best locally caught fresh seafood north of boston featuring lobsters, oysters, steamers etc is located at The Marblehead Lobster Company located in Old Town of Marblehead. The address is Orne and Beacon Street off Washington Street. It is directly on the harbor with fantastic views, service and very high quality of seafood. Well worrh traveling from Boston (30 minutes up route 1A thru Swampscott and proceed onto Humphrey Street in Marblehead)) or anywhere on north shore.