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Nov 13, 2009 06:21 AM

Asian Pacific Market in Marina (Monterey Bay area)

I had lunch yesterday at Tico's Breakfast in Marina, and found that right next door in the shopping center is Asian Pacific Market. I'm not much of a cook when it comes to Asian cuisines, but am fascinated by the ingredients, so had to have a look.

The emphasis is on Filipino groceries, other countires' fares are represented as well. I saw Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese groceries,produce, noodles, sauces, sweets, and beverages. There is a delivery on Wed. of baked goods from Goldilocks and Valerios commercial bakeries, and on Thursday they get in fresh fish. They had perch, snapper, shrimp, salmon and others.

The prices were incredible. Butternut squash for .69/# Kabocha for .49/#. Purple-skin yams for .49/#. Persimmons 50 cents easch. And so on. Back in the seafood section (no cold case, huge plastic bins full of iced fish) fresh salmon heads .79/#! Grocery items seemed fairly priced as well, and the items look as if they move quickly--no dusty cans or packages on the shelves. Some cooking equipment too.

I'd definitely come back and do some shopping if I needed any Asian groceries, and for the Thursday fresh fish. Very friendly multi-lingual staff.

Located at 330 Reservation Rd, three long blocks up from Del Monte, just a few minutes up the hill from the freeway, on the right (south) side of the street. Good signage on a monolith out front. Sort of a heavy-timber look to the buildings.

Tico's Breakfast & Lunch
330 Reservation Rd, Marina, CA 93933

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  1. Great report. I'll have to tell my local friends. Was the breakfast at Tico's good?

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    1. re: Ed Dibble

      I had a late lunch--just made it in under the 3 p.m. wire. Posted about it under the old Nikki Rothman Cheap Eats in Monterey thread:

      I may be going back to Monterey for the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Dec., so will try Tico's again, this time for breakfast.. Not a fan of Hollandaise, but will find something in the varied menu to try.

      Was the Asian Market not there when you tried Tico's? I thought you'd have posted about it if it had been. I think you'd have fun there. Such cheap produce! Makes you realize how much markup the big fancy stores take. If I lived there, It'd be right up with TJ's in my shopping lineup.

      1. re: toodie jane

        It may have been there - I don't remember, but often when I'm in Monterey, I'm with friends and not able to explore around. Tico's, in particular, is a favorite of my local Monterey friends, so I always eat there with other folks.

        I do love the Hollandaise at Tico's, but many other breakfasts are also good. susaninsf has raved about the heuvos rancheros, but I haven't tried that there.