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Nov 13, 2009 05:30 AM

Seeking Great Holiday Punch Recipes -- won't war with popcorn balls!

I've been dying to make the popcorn balls from the Chow story a couple of weeks ago -- Coco-Cayenne, Curry-Coconut, and Eggnog -- and our holiday party seems like the perfect excuse. Now I need a recipe for punch that won't war with them. It doesn't have to go with them perfectly, but I feel like my standby punch, Fish House, is too much for those warm flavors.

I'm inclining toward cranberry, or pomegranate, or ginger. Not eggnog -- too sweet and heavy.

The punch must be alcoholic (for the party), cold (won't crack the glass punchbowl), and not too sweet (so we can drink it all night). Also, I don't want to hunt down overly obscure ingredients -- hard to find in PA.

Thanks for any suggestions/recipes!

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