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Feb 14, 2005 10:42 PM

Cherry Pie

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anywhere to get a real good slice, as if one were to get some from a true joint diner in the midwest,

not too sweet, real, fresh ,and not canned.

no need to mention apple pan, pie n burger, polly's marie callenders.

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  1. Give Jongewaard's Bake & Broil in Long Beach a call. I have never tried the cherry pie, but all the other pies are made fresh and are excellent (the amazing fresh apricot is my favorite)


    1. By "not canned" do you mean not canned pie filling?

      All of the cherries will be canned. Cherrries are both out of season and CA doesn't grow sour cherries.

      1. one place where the cherry pie really surprised me was moffett's chicken pie shoppe. it was more tart than the usual suspects and not excessively gloppy. i think they sprinkle a little sugar on the top crust if that matters to you.

        as for not canned, i think there's a difference in quality between the tinny-tasting, canned-in-sugary-glop cherries and those preserved in juice (cans or jars). it's even hard to find frozen sour cherries in california. i've called the sour cherry board in michigan (where they're mostly grown, something like 75% of US crop) and they rarely make it west of the rocky mtns. restaurants, of course, have special sources but it seems most bakeries just don't bother. so yeah, it's tough to find the real article and fresh is pretty much impossible round this neck of the woods.

        the recent mentions of wisconsin/midwestern americana got me wondering if hounds know of a place doing door county fish boils (with the requisite slice of cherry pie)-it's childhood vacation nostalgia for me. maybe a once-a-month type affair in the back of some random restaurant's parking lot? pan fried smelts? you never know...

        moffett's chicken pie shoppe
        16506 s. lakewood, bellflower 562.925.5061

        1. While I have never tried the cherry pie there (only banana cream and strawberry), House of Pies in Los Feliz (see link) fits your diner criteria and bakes their old-fashioned, mountain-high pies daily on site. Don't believe they use fresh cherries though.

          Other plusses: they have their own small lot, are open late, and have an outdoor patio w/ heat lamps. Food is not great, but I've liked it for a greasy spoon breakfast or late night burger now and then.

          P.S. They have an old-fashioned hot fudge sundae that is pure comfort in a bowl.


          1. Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose (in West Hollywood) usually has it. They use IQF cherries from some farm in Michigan... as good as it gets here in CA without locally grown cherries.