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Nov 13, 2009 05:07 AM

pizza birthday dinner-manhattan

looking for a place in manhattan where we can sit down, have amazing pizza, salad, wine.. and hold a conversation.

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  1. How big a group? Any particular neighborhood? Willing to put up with a wait, or want to sit down right away?

    Assuming a large group, I would say Patsy's would work well, multiple locations, solid pizza, good salads and not too long a wait usually. Other options are John's on Bleeker (longer wait, but better pizza) or Arturo's (would call for a res for a larger group.

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    1. re: metfan630

      group of 7, prefer not to wait. have you heard anything about veloce in the east village?

      1. re: nerak

        Veloce is OK, the style is definitely much more buttery/heavy, and it's baked in a pan. My biggest problem with it was how heavy it seemed. And it definitely gets soggy after the first few minutes.

    2. Arturo's. Call ahead for a table for 7. Weeknights are less noisy than weekends and the pizza is very good thin crust with a bit of char.

      1. We've had good experiences at Piola Pizza near Union Square (12th and Broadway):

        Excellent pizza and salad, reasonable prices, cute decor, big enough for groups; not especially quiet, but we've generally been able to have conversations there with no problem.

        Otto (near Washington Square - 5th Ave and 8th St) might be very good for this as well; though a little more expensive in terms of size vs. price, it's also group-friendly and has terrific food.

        48 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

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          I second Otto, was there this past weekend and thought it would be great for a group. It definitely does get pretty loud later on in the evening, but the pizza is soo worth it!

        2. Gnocco in the east village. Great super thin pizza and great wine. Also get the Gnocco appetizer.

          337 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10009