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Nov 13, 2009 04:54 AM

How to make Duck Prosciutto ?

Can any one remind me how to cure duck breast ?

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  1. One of the easiest charcuterie items to make and exquisitely good.

    Take your duck breasts and pack in kosher salt -refrigerate for 24 hours.

    Wash of salt - DRY breasts completely, double wrap in cheesecloth and hang to dry. (Note hanging means it is not in contact with any surface on any side it must be hanging with airflow all around it.)

    You can dry it in your refrigerator, for 2 weeks or if you are daring in a cellar around 55 degrees with about 50-60% humidity. This would be the traditional method and you would dry the duck until it lost about 30% of its weight.

    For different seasonings I add those before I wrap with cheesecloth. One of my favorite ways it to make cold smoked duck prosciutto, a real crowd pleaser.


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      Steps 1 and 2 are almost identical to Steps 1 and 2 of confit de canard - refrigerate overnight with salt & herbs, then rinse and dry. Sounds like the combination of these two recipes would be a good way to deal with a surfeit of whole ducks.