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Nov 13, 2009 04:51 AM

Di Fara's on a Saturday evening

I'm thinking of heading to Di Fara's for some birthday pizza tomorrow night. I've never been to Di Fara's on a Saturday night. I am planning to get there by 5:30ish (it opens, hopefully, at 6:00), but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the wait/crowds on a Sat. evening at opening time. I'm bringing a Di Fara's first timer with me, so while I'd like him to get the full experience with some wait time, I don't want it to be a total madhouse. Also, I REALLY want Di Fara's for my birthday! Thanks!

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  1. bring a bottle of wine. or two. there might be some people lined up, but you should be okay at that time.

    1. I am afraid that it will be a madhouse. However it will probably be great if you stay at the counter to monitor your order. Don't sit down to let nature take its course. Stay up there while it is in process or the pie will get put on hold, which can be sometimes permanent.

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        Thanks to you both for your input. I'm hoping that the rain deters some people.

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          even if you stand at the counter, it will be over an hour.
          and even bringing a bottle of wine... where are you going to sit? surely you wouldn't "reserve" your table for an hour by sitting while pizza eaters are standing up.
          It's so much better on a weekday.

          1. re: Jeffsayyes

            If you have more than one person, then at least one can monitor the progress of the pie. Let him see that. Yes, it might very well be over an hour. Accept that and you will be fine.

        2. A little late to help, but note that due to reconstruction of the platform, the exit is at the very back end of the Coney Island bound train, so ride in or near the back car.

          1. I suggest (like I have many times before) to order some additional food item, like a salad, veg, pasta or sandwich. Munch on that, drink the wine you bring while uyou sit at your table (I recommend snagging a table) and wait. the additional interation with Dom ordering and receiving the other items is worthwhile in establishing you in his consciousnessand the food is good too.

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                  is waiting at tables really seen as acceptable practice here? ive witnessed multiple times where clueless tourists order and sit down, without knowing that they will be seated in viable seats for upwards of an hour, the whole time other people (who ordered before them) are getting pies and giving them evil eyes.

                  no one likes getting one of Dom's pizzas and not having a place to perch while eating, but it seems like the "order-and-snag-a-table" approach doesnt really help this problem much.

                  also, how would one order an additional food item? its been my understanding that any menu's up at DiFara's is purely for atmosphere as he hasnt made anything but pizza in a long time, and if table-squatting (without food up) is a questionable behavior, bringing in outside food is not something anyone should be advocating.