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Nov 12, 2009 08:28 PM

Trying to recall cookies from the past

One is a windmill cookie that my mom used to buy possibly in late '70s but definitely in the '80s but I don't know who made them. Here is a pic of it but I found no background on it:


and the other cookie:

My mom used to buy possibly in the late '70s but definitely in the '80s that came in a red (may have been the Nabisco logo) and clear wrapping and plastic tray about 4 or 5 rows wide and the cookie was yellow or kind of yellow and had a yellow creme filling (a somewhat thin layer). The cookie was round, maybe 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter and the cookie had a design on each side that were the same (sailboat?). I think the edge of the cookie had a thin, raised design like a ribbon and the surface had a print but I can't recall what was on it. The cookie wasn't terribly hard nor too soft. It was rather easy to bite into and crumble.

Both cookies were available in grocery stores.

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  1. I've had both of these, I seem to remember the Windmill cookies were made by either Nabisco or Archway and I'm leaning towards Archway.
    The filled cookies were similar to a vanilla filled Oreo, but I don't remember if Nabisco made them, it seems to me they were a store (generic) brand my Mom bought. I still eat them on occasion but just the small packs now; they are produced by various regional bakeries like Lady Linda, Drake's or some such...
    BTW, we had these all the way back in the '60s.

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      Thanks for the reply. My memory down taste bud lane is wishing I had some these in my pantry.

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        Hydrox! So much better than Oreo. Newman's Own are awesome too!

      2. Looks like the archway windmills will be back on the shelf:


        I don't have any recollection of the 2nd cookie you mention.

        when I say your thread title two cookies came to mind...the super flat cookies that were essentially pastry with raisin filling (we used to call them fly sandwiches) and Ideal cookies: http://www.inthe70s.com/food/idealcoo...

        The latter was delicious...the former, not so much

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          OOH, I love those raisin cookies, I haven't seen them lately but sure would like to. They were made by Sunshine, Golden Raisin Bisquits, no longer produced. I don't remember Ideal Bars by name but if they were the chocolate covered peanut butter bars, yes, yes, yes.
          Whatever happened to Mystic Mints, back in the '80s. I used to eat them by the boxful.

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            re:fly sandwiches............. are you talking about sultana biscuits?

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              No, they're "Golden Raisin Bisquits" (brand name), made by Sunshine, not made with sultanas but with dark raisins. Was that your question?

              1. re: bushwickgirl

                My husband was crazy for those raisin biscuits, too. I found them sort of dry and dusty, myself....We used to be able to find an reasonable facsimile from the Vermont Country Store.

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                in_nomad, in Canada or at least in Ontario they were sold as sultana biscuits, I'm quite sure.

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                  There are 2 varieties. Either the cookie/biscuit is dry and hard, or it's chewy. I LOVE the chewy variety.

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                    Are you still on your pursuit of the ultimate homemade one of these, miss? Waiting with bated breath.

                2. re: owen_meany

                  Oh I loved those raisin cookies! Not generally a fan of raisins in cookies or muffins, but "squashed fly biscuits" were a big hit in our house! My Dad was British, and he would regularly go to Marks and Spencer's (in Toronto) to get English food, and they carried those there. You might be able to find these still at one of those British speciality shops...

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                    Yes, they were made by Sunshine--long, cracker-thin with zig-zaggy edges. I loved those.

                  2. The almond windmills are available at Trader Joe's. Also, if your market has a self-serve cookie display from Voortman's, they also have windmills (but the TJ's, IMO, are better).

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                      I really liked the almond windmill cookies the most. I bought some Lil' Dutch Maid windmill cookies two days ago but I know they can't compare to Voortman windmills even though I've never had them. I'll have to travel probably 60 miles from where I live to find Voortman's cookies as I've never seen them in my area.

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                        You know you can make the windmill cookies yourself ... I'd do that before I'd drive 120 miles for them ;)

                      2. re: Chefpaulo

                        Voortman's! thank you CP, I was racking my brain trying to recall the name of the brand!

                      3. On the 2nd cookie I'd have guessed Vienna Fingers if you hadn't said rounf. Not it? I don't think they were Kelloggs when we were kids...

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                          No, they sure are not the Kellogg's cookies from that page but I'm glad you posted that link. I had forgot about Vienna Fingers. I hadn't ate those in over a decade or more.

                          I'm bummed that I can't find the second cookie on the internet. They seemed to be a major brand.

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                            I just saw a Nabisco list of discontinued cookies; unhappily one on the list was Swiss Creme. Seems to ring my bell as to the cookie you're looking for, a sandwich with a vanilla cream center. My DH remembers them too and we agreed that they looked and tasted like the cookie you described.

                            1. re: bushwickgirl

                              I don't believe it's the Swiss Creme. The design was different than the Swiss Creme and the creme center was, I believe, light yellow or yellow. I don't recall a lemon flavor to them, though. It didn't have a hole in the center.

                              If I would have known back then that I would have trouble remembering and finding these cookies and also that we would have computers, digital cameras, scanners and the internet, I would have archived photos of the cookie and package!

                              For those who don't know what Swiss Creme cookies look like, I provided links below.

                              Swiss Creme description:

                              Swiss Creme package:

                              1. re: CajunJacques

                                Well, I've been racking my brain and my DH and I have been discussing this all weekend but we're fresh out of ideas. We are "of an age" where we were eating cookies (store-bought ones) back in the '50s and '60s, so maybe the cookie you're looking for came about later than our era. Sorry I can't help.

                                BTW, do you remember Mystic Mints? I believe it was a Nabisco concoction, an oreo-like thing covered with minty chocolate. They were in the market in the early '80s and just disappeared. I don't see them in the NY market, anyway. I very rarely eat store bought cookies anymore, although I did have some Famous Amos oreo-type things on Friday (not made by Amos anymore) which were passable.

                                This is a interesting thread about stuff I haven't thought about for years. Thanks for the memories.

                                1. re: bushwickgirl

                                  Yeah, it's pretty much at least in the '80s and possibly late '70s. That was junior high-high school era for me so I wasn't really focusing on who made the cookies although the cookie itself!

                                  I can't recall if I remember the Mystic Mints name but I've probably tried them. I could go for something chocolate and minty since you brought it up. I'm guessing there wasn't a high demand and were taken off the market.

                                  Mmmm... Famous Amos cookies...

                                  I haven't bought many cookies over the past few years just a few times but recently some Golden Oreos and windmill cookies.

                                  I'm glad I was able to stir some memories and thank you for input.

                                2. re: CajunJacques

                                  u r so correct on the cookie break cookies they r just as u described them, they even came as a duplex cookie a chocolate and vanilla cookie with the yellowish creme in between ,both those cookies were very good tasting, the last time i was able to purchase some was back in 1985 in the grocery store in memphis tn after that they were not on the shelves anymore, but i first ran up on them in chicago in the 70s

                          2. My Sister and I have been desperate to find out what ever happened to Lady Joan cookies - we think they were by Sunshine. They came in a cellophane package and were white delicate cookes with some drizzled with chocolate. They were in spritz cookie shapes. We loved them and have been trying to find something like them with no luck - any ideas?

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                              I thought the name was lady Joanna? Either way they were great... 40 years and I can still taste them.