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Nov 12, 2009 07:51 PM

Pennsylvania Dutch Eggnog?

Anyone tried this? Safeway was selling it. It is in the liquor section and not refrigerated.

Looking around the web for info brings up eierpunsch, a German type of eggnog.

I don't think this has anything to do with what Safeway is selling but it is another ethnic variation on eggnog

Eggnog history – posset, egg flip, coquito, rompope, biblia con pisco, biersuppe

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  1. If I am not making my own Pennsylvania Dutch is my preferred eggnog when serving some with the liquor already in it. If I am buying non-alcohol I like Promised Land eggnog. However, the only really, really good eggnog is the stuff I make myself.

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      Thanks. I will probably give it a try.

      From the few breif mentions on the web I found about this eggnog, that seems to be what people say. If not making their own, they buy Pennsylvania Dutch.

      One bar in Pennsylvania said that they serve it because making it themselves wasn't working out and the customers liked Pennsylvania Dutch.

      Making my own eggnog is not going to happen no matter how quick or easy. If you have a chance and don't mind sharing, you might post your recipe on the Home Cooking board for others who might be interested in going down that path.

    2. I grew up in PA Dutch country and I've never heard of this stuff. Is it made in SE Penna?

      ETA: I am familiar with (and have had plenty of!) Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer. I wonder if it's the same company?

      1. I love this stuff, but it will pack on the pounds and knock you on your butt. No doubt when you taste it that it needs to be sold in the liquor section.

        1. I bought some for Thanksgiving. This is really a lovely alcohol spiked eggnog It is not overly thick there is subtle spice. It is not overly sweet either ... boozy, but not sweet.

          I just wish they would list all the ingredients on the label.

          1. A note that this lasts a long time in the fridge. We had some for Thanksgiving. I kept about one serving in the bottle to see if it would go bad. It was still fine on Christmas.