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Nov 12, 2009 04:44 PM

Berkeley: La Bedaine - Reasonably-priced French pastries, house-made smoked sausages, pates and French dinners to go

The bottom shelf of the glass bakery case holds house-made sausages, mason jars of onion soup and ready-to-go French dinners such as chicken chasseur, coq au vin and halibut in a white sauce. The next shelf holds pates and on the top were quiche and chocolate-dipped loaves of brioche.

On the counter there were baskets of croissants, brioche and a plate of puff pastry filled with oxtail in a mornay sauce.

Everything is made in-house. The pates, sausages and diners are cryo-vacked. The dinners will last two weeks in the fridge. It is a terrific meal to keep in the fridge for a busy day. Boil a pot of water, drop the meal in for 10 minutes, open package, put on plate, eat.

I tried the chicken chausser in a nice mushroom sauce with a whole small white potato, two whole carrots and some slivered haricot vert. There was a thigh and piece of breast. I thought it was as good as anything from Rendez-vous down the street and worth the $8.50.

I didn't eat the plump pork sausage yet, but unwrapped them and they have a wonderful smokey aroma. Two sausages were $4. The mason jar of onion soup was $4.

I had a croissant ($1.50). It was tasty but not the crunchy, super buttery version. It was smaller and more bready. It reminded me of some I was served in breakfast baskets in France.

La Bedaine
1585 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94706

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  1. Here's a link to a previous inquiry post with the wrong city. I always get that border of Albany/Berkeley wrong.

    Albany: La Bedaine Cuisine de l'atelier?

    La Bedaine
    1585 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94706

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    1. re: rworange

      The businesses are in Berkeley on that side of the street (and a few blocks up/down) but the street and possibly part of the sidewalk is in Albany. I took a quick peek but didn't walk inside today.

      1. re: lmnopm

        That border is weird--from Tulare to the middle of the block between Curtis and Nielson, the north side of the street is Berkeley, the south is Albany.

    2. Oh my, oh my, oh my ...

      I just had a smoked pork sausage for breakfast and it is beyong amazing. It is succualant, smokey, pure goodness.It is a medium-fine grind with a snappy casing. So good, so good.

      Even better, the house just smelled ... delicious ... while it was sauteeing.

      IMO, one of the best sausages in the Bay Area. So much better than the fancy artisan new sausage makers and right up there with the best of the old-timers ... maybe beyond. Extremely rich so limit yourself to one at a sitting. Gee this would be so good with pancakes and maple syrup.

      My chowbells were ringing so loudly the bell fell out of the belltower. Great, great, great.

      Um, I guess that would indicate I liked it.

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      1. re: rworange

        Now you tell me. I picked the wild boar terrine over the sausage. I haven't tried it yet.

        1. re: rworange

          Agreed. That is a really good and flavorful sausage. I also liked the two terrines I got to sample (pork and wild boar) but when someone walked in behind me and declared the smoked sausage the best she's ever had, I knew that's what I had to get.

          I couldn't limit myself to one. I didn't think it was too rich, but I would have a hard time polishing off one of those big chocolate-dipped bread loaves after that.....

          Can't remember who was in that location before....?

          1. re: Agent 510

            Lola's and we lost her. Let's not let it happen again.

            1. re: Agent 510

              dang...those pork sausages must've went fast cause I didn't see any when I got there at 11:30am.

              1. re: Agent 510

                Three of us like those sausages, you, me and that woman who tipped you off about them in the shop. Honestly my one sausage filled me up for the afternoon.

                I stopped by again this afternoon and picked up the smoked halibut dinner, onion soup and a chocolate tart ($2)

                That man knows how to smoke food. The texture of that halibut was exquisite. Anyone with a passion for smoked whitefish will drop to their knees in reverence for this. I'm going to have to ask him if he will just sell a piece of the fish as this would be really swell for the whitefish course of Christmas Eve dinner. At any rate the smoked salmon moves to the top of my list of next thing to try.

                There's a large piece of butter in the dinner. There are also the two carrots and white potato. Looking at the sauce, I thought it broke. It turns out it was small kernels of white corn. With a Semi-freddi baguette and a glass of pink bubbly I picked up at Berkeley Bowl ... good meal ... good meal. I dare not sully this thread with the name of that sparkler but it was actually quite good.

                The onion soup was nice. It is not loaded with only slices but there are enough. Add your own croutons and cheese.

                The tart was lovely. The thin crisp crust was filled with a fudgy filling and nicely topped with a whole hazelnut.

                There were these beautiful puff pastries filled with eggplant cavier and goat cheese. They looked like little jewel boxes. There was also a plate of Croque Monseur.

                1. re: rworange

                  Fourth on the smoked sausages.

                  Not much to add, but wow...just wow. My wife and I had them for breakfast today with some Acme pain de mie French toast. Can't really imagine a much better breakfast than that.

              2. re: rworange

                Still wonderful! Got the duck rillette, jambon persille, sausage (last ones), choc tart and apple tart. Also got the Acme baguette to save a trip... all fabulous! Too fabulous actually, I'm kinda addicted and it's quite a drive. Nice place, nice people, great offerings.

              3. I’m munching on a sandwich with pork terrine, baby lettuce, tomato and cornichon, on a hunk of Acme rustic baguette. Way good, and only $6!

                La Bedaine
                1585 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94706

                1. I was chatting with the chef today after I saw "Le Charm" embroidered on his jacket, and in fact he used to be chef at Le Charm in the city. So now I need to try everything he makes out of duck, because LC has some of the best duck dishes around. Forgot to ask whether the excellent tart tatin will make its way over here, and I guess the pommes dauphine (no longer on the LC menu) aren't really workable as take-out/reheat.

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                  1. re: ernie in berkeley

                    There was a tarte tatin on the counter Thursday.

                    1. re: ernie in berkeley

                      ernie, here's a photo of the tarte tatin I took two months ago.

                      And, of course, I bought a piece. There's very little added sugar, as you can see the color is on the light side with a minimum of caramel. The chef said that he prefers to use Golden Delicious apples to make this because they have higher natural pectin to hold their shape well and higher natural sweetness.

                      1. re: Melanie Wong


                        I tried their duck liver terrine most recently, and as expected it's utterly delightful.

                    2. What a great little place. I love that their selection is really just limited to that one display case, at least for now, but everything inside looks pretty interesting and/or amazing. It seems like they have different things on offer over the course of the day (and week?), at least as far as pastries and sandwiches go.

                      We sampled the wild boar terrine and some fantastic pork rillettes. We ended up getting the rillettes ($4), which seemed, based on the one bite I had, less salty than, and at least as good as, Fatted Calf's--at a significantly lower price.

                      The person ahead of me snagged the last two chocolate tarts, so I had to console myself with a croissant ($1.50) and a small brioche loaf ($1)--both were great a few hours later with some homemade jam we had in the fridge. Thankfully this place isn't right down the street from me; otherwise, I'd be fattening up on croissants, etc. darn near every day.

                      We also picked up some pork sausages (tomorrow morning's breakfast) and two of the packaged dinners--the smoked halibut ($8.50) and the cassoulet ($10). Looking forward to trying those.

                      Very friendly and helpful people too...

                      Fatted Calf
                      644-C First Street, Napa, CA 94559

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                      1. re: abstractpoet

                        What do you call a place like this, anyway....a charcuterie?

                        1. re: Agent 510

                          In France, a place with a wide variety of prepared food to go is a traiteur.

                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            According to the window cuisine de l'atelier (workshop).

                            It's not really a wide variety of dishes though. 4-6 prepared dinners, a half dozen pates, sausages, confit, soup. croissants, brioche, 2-3 sandwiches, quiche and rotating tarts and such.

                            He never has a lot of anything. When he puts out tarts it is 4 at a time. I have yet to see more than two sandwiches at any one time and at most 4 quiche. He seems to replenish things as they run out and is always cooking. It is not like anything is made way in advance and he is restocking. It is cooking to order more or less

                            I've stopped by various times of the day to see if the case was ever full or there were trays of baked goods. It is week one, so who knows how this will evolve.

                            1. re: rworange

                              Thanks rworange, I was trying to remember the French word I actually saw on the window. I guess we just call it "promising" and head back to try the other stuff.