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Nov 12, 2009 12:14 PM

Dino's Restaurant and Bar in Astoria

Anyone been?

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          1. I actually tried it w/3 friends the other day and really enjoyed the food. Unfortunately the ambiance was nill since we were the ONLY ones in the place! And thus were innundated by the waitstaff who were very friendly but I felt she didn't really know much about the menu or how to pronounce anything on it. But I digress. The bread was warm and yummy. We split the warm artichoke w/spinach app (amazing) plus the homemade sausages flambeed (although the flame went out before it got to the table, so we requested re-ignition). There were around 4 different types of sausages. I'm not sure if they give you the same amt for every order or we just got a large quantity since we were 4, but either way they were quite delicious but very filling. A montenego or caesar salad or soup come w/each entree. Get the montenegro, delicious shaved feta and tomoatoes. Very nice.

            We had 2 fish entrees, one w/the tilapia w/dijon sauce, mine was grouper w/muniere. Both were cooked perfectly and delicious, I couldn't finish mine. Friend got the pasta special, the lobster ravioli and other friend got the seafood pasta. The latter didn't look like anything special to me, but friend cleaned the plate.
            For dessert we shared a poached pear and a chocolate cake, both good but I was quite full.
            Dino came by to talk to us twice. He's a very friendly guy who is very eager to get this place off the ground but sounded frustrated about the economy and maybe that his place is a little of the main drag so he's not getting much foot traffic. He has specials every day of the week and serves lunch and takeout and delivery.
            He offered us his homemade grappas and another after dinner drinks. Really, they couldn't have been nicer.
            I was actually checking out the place to hold an annual work lunch for around 15 people. We've gone to Parkside and Ponticello (the wine cellar room) in the past and was looking for a new location. If I were to go on food and service alone I would have made my reservation right then and there but am hesitating due to the feeling of walking into
            dead zone.
            I really hope other hounders go check this place out and spread the word.

            1. re: jinglejangle

              Thanks for the detailed write up. I'll have to go try it out. What was the bill like?

              1. re: SpiceJunkies

                I think it was $70 pp. We had 2 bottles of wine. Maybe a bit pricey for a Monday night in Queens but worth it. I think their prices are on their website.

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                  I went last night (Saturday) and it was still very quiet. I thought it was pretty good, the Montenegrin salad that comes with the entress is awesome, like the best greek salad I've had in America.

                  There's a lot of craftsmanship -- the bread is great, the butter and oil are first rate, everything is cooked well. I had the pecenje which was nice and toothsome.

                  the one thing I didn't like was the physical menu -- it didn't seem to go with the decor and it didn't draw me to the food. It looks like the menu you would see at one of those autostrada cafes.

                  would be nice if they could get some traffic...