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Nov 12, 2009 09:49 AM

Lookin' for a Special Kind of Falafel Sandwich...

I'm looking for some really awesome falafel sandwiches like the kind I had in Paris at L'as du Falafel (lots of crunchy lightly dressed slaw in fresh pita bread with four to five small crunchy falafels, tender chunks of fried eggplant, and harissa (at least that's what I think it was) hot sauce.

Last time I got falafel from Sarah's Mediterranean it came with lettuce and tomato (not my favorite), some tahini sauce, and that's all. It was slightly crunchy but the falafels were much too big. Ditto with the falafels at arpeggio, but since it was delivered, the falafels were a giant mushy mess.

Is this type of sandwich going to be something I can only get outside of my beloved city?

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  1. Ever since trying Maoz falafels in Amsterdam last year I have wanted to find something similar locally. Hot, crunchy fried (small) falafel balls, fresh pita, fresh veggies and tzatziki for dressing. No luck so far. Looks like the closest Maoz is NYC or San Francisco, ouch.

    1. missing my favorite places in boston, i tried to find something similar when i moved here 4 years ago.
      in my experience, the falafel is too large and there are not enough toppings (oh home-made pickles and roasted garlic spread, i love you so!).

      i am going to mark this thread just in case someone chimes in with a hidden gem.

      1. Yeah, I love falafel when they're small, crispy and a bit dark on the outside, and green on the inside. All of the places I've been to in Austin seem to have more of this uniform lighter brown color inside and out, and usually lean towards mushy.

        Nothing I've found even remotely compares to the falafel I ate all the time when I lived in NY. Mamoun's or Cinderella - man I miss those places.

        The most decent I've had in town is Kebabalicious. I wonder if Jerusalem Gourmet on E. Oltorf does em? Anybody know?

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          Yep, they do. Gonna have to go check that out.

        2. My favorite falafel sandwich was at Byblos in North Austin, but they have closed. Since they closed, I discovered some GREAT falafel at Mediterranean House Buffet in Pflugerville. I had it on the buffet, not on a sanwich so I'm not sure what would be served on a sandwich. The falafel is crunchy on the outside and fluffy and moist on the inside, not dired out like so many other places in Austin.

          1. Have you tried Flying Falafel & Po-Boys? They may not have the exact sandwich you are talking about, but they are pretty good.

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              I second the recommendation for Flying Falafel & Pp-Boys - I posted about this place a few months ago. On a recent visit I had the falafel sandwich and I remarked that the falafels were smaller than you normally see. Excellent restaurant