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Nov 12, 2009 09:42 AM

rolls at fairmont hotels

my wife and i were fortunate enough to spend a night at the fairmont hotel in banff (without the kids in tow!) this past weekend and during our dinner function, i once again realized that the rolls at fairmont hotels were top notch! i remember thinking the same thing at a lunch function held at the palliser a couple of years ago. this seems like a bizarre question but does anyone know if you can purchase rolls at any of the fairmont hotels?

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  1. I think their baking is done in house. I was at Banff Springs for tea and asked for the scones recipe and they were kind enough to share. I'd suggest calling/email and ask if they do sell or outsource and where, or if they'll share the recipe. Let us know what you find out I love their breads.

    1. We've purchased items from the in-house bakery from the Banff Springs as well as Chateau Lake Louise. You need to talk to the dining room manager, and then they can order it to be baked for you. A bit of a process, but worth it if you love certain items.