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Nov 12, 2009 09:30 AM

Where to buy Dalmatian Pršut (ham)

Where to buy??!

Had some from an fat old butcher in hvar who hacked it thick, not sliced, from the whole leg. It was dry and fantastic, better than my favorite Serano.

Had it later on from in Dubrovnik from a meat cheese shop where they sliced it thin like prscioutto and it wasn't nearly as good. I've read that sometimes it's smoked and sometimes not. Would that be the difference in the 2, or was it just the slicing.

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  1. I'd give Muncan Food Corp. a call and ask if they have it.

    Muncan Food Corp.
    43-09 Broadway, Queens, NY 11103

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    1. re: cimui

      wow! I can't believe I've never heard of this, I'm a little embarassed. I work pretty close by. Even if they don't have it looks like a fantastic place. I'll let you know if they have the prsut, but thanks anyway I'm going tonight!

      1. re: 2slices

        Please do report back! I know they have other Croatian products (+ Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian items) and a huge array of cured meats. So it just seems like a logical place to ask.

        1. re: cimui

          I asked the guy behind the counter and he said the hams they have are all made their. Being Romanian he didn't know if it was the same. However I got some dried Lamb that was fantastic. Dry and meaty but different, tho not meaty like beef. When sliced it was bacon shaped. Speaking of which they also had beef prosciutto which is made their, something I'll have to try. God there was so much it was overwhelming.

          There is a croatian guy there, and my co-worker is croatian so perhaps I can find out if the Muncan's house made hams are similar. They are smoked then dried which is the same as Prsut. One thing is that they only sell the whole ham. Being that I live alone I don't know what I'd do with an entire ham hanging from the rafter. They're $75 ea, looked like maybe 5lbs total. Not as big as a serrano or italian prosciutto but still alot of meat for one guy.

          I got some cheese which is real good, I just asked for something dry and sharp and this fit the bill. White and crumbly, somewhere between dry cheddar and reggiano in texture. Unfortunately I don't know the name of that or the other meat I got tho it was a dried pork of some type, I think pork loin. Also excellent.

          The guys were very generous with tasting and when I said I wanted something "different" they said "everything is different, we make it ourselves".

          I'm gonna have to find someone to go in with me on a whole ham. Hanging from the ceiling in there it was hard not to just splurge. Maybe for the holidays.

          1. re: 2slices

            awesome report, 2slices!!! i wish i'd been less shy when i went and asked for (or just accepted) samples and asked more questions. but in truth, i was sort of overwhelmed by the selection and the fact that there were a lot of other customers in there at the time, waiting, who knew exactly what they wanted. you were a really good sleuth!

            i'd definitely consider going in with you for that ham. i'll post my e-mail in my profile so you can contact me about this if you like. no pressure, of course, either way. :)

            1. re: cimui

              I think I'm doing it for a holiday party. I'll be a hero

    2. The rest of the world eats prsut as a delicacy(sliced thin). Dalmatians eat it as often as they would eat bread. The place you got it from in Dubrovnik was probably geared towards tourists.

      1. Not at all sure how similar they are, but Speck is also dried and smoked ham, from Alto Adige, and sold at Eataly and probably at DiPalo, too.