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Nov 12, 2009 09:27 AM

Bundt to Mini Bundts? Experienced help requested!


I have a recipe for spiced apple bundt cake, 10" that I would love to make again. Thing is, I'm recently disabled so my usual convention oven is no longer an option for me, but I have a large, more easily handled toaster oven. I'm determined to still be able to bake Christmas gifts like before even if my family thinks I can't even think for myself these days!

Problem though: how do I convert a recipe for a 10" bundt normally 350 degrees for an hour to mini ones? How many do you think it'll make if I use mini 3" molds (light enough for me to handle one handed) and should I still keep to an hour?

I hope someone can help me. I tried making cookies with family help last week and all I got the whole time is "no, let me do it, you can't do it". Sigh.


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  1. How large is your toaster oven? I have never had luck baking in a toaster oven. It would be hard for the math for the conversion since they're not perfect cylinders and have the hole but I think it's like changing a cake recipe to one for cupcakes, eg. one batch=24 muffins. So, one batch of your cake would be about 24 mini bundt cakes, maybe a little less.

    I'd reduce the temperature to 300, as a trial, and bake for 20 minutes and then go from there, adding time or temperature depending on what it's doing. But, that depends a lot on your toaster oven, too.

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    1. re: chowser

      That's an excellent point. I hadn't considered that. An hour for mini bundt cakes might make hockey pucks (although THAT might make interesting gifts, too, lol). Let's see:

      Toaster oven: DeLonghi
      Inner dimensions: 12" W x 10" D x 8" H
      Fits: 1 8.5" x 10" pan

      It has some sort of dial that sets it to Oven function and dials up to 400 degrees. I tried to test it but my mom shut it off on me, saying I don't need to learn to use it. (exasperated sigh)

      1. re: yunnieman

        I often make mini-Bundts instead of regular Bundt cakes.

        Chowser's advice is exactly right, the small cakes usually take about 22-24 minutes to bake, so starting to check at 20 minutes would work well.

        The temperature doesn't always have to be decreased, but it often helps the mini cakes from rising too quickly (sometimes they do that), so for your first try definitely reduce the oven temperature. If your mini Bundt pans are dark, I'd try 300, if they're light coloured 325 might be enough of a reduction.

        Good luck with the little cakes!!

        1. re: middydd

          Thank you chowser and middydd! Your advice was far more constructive than the "why do you want to try? it'll be too hard for you!" I was getting. Hugs everywhere!

          1. re: yunnieman

            You also might want to look into a small ( not mini ) size bundt pan. Nordic Ware makes a 6 cup, 8" Bundt pan. I have one and really like it, for two people, we don't need too much cake!

            1. re: ciaolette

              Good suggestion. I wanted to make minis for gifts though. More minis, less baking. Hee. It's a cheat, I know.

              Meanwhile, a friend of mines commented apple spice isn't too christmasy. >>> You're kidding. No cake for her. :D

          2. re: middydd

            Have you made them in toaster ovens? That's my biggest question with this--especially given the size of the oven. I've tried only a handful of times with a toaster oven but it's never turned out because the temperature was hard to gauge.

      2. This book has good advice re baking in the toaster... if you scroll down a bit, there's a recipe for Carrot Cake mini bundts that might clue you in on how to adapt your own recipe.