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Nov 12, 2009 08:57 AM

Al Pastor on Riverside - Overrated

Based on all the raves I've seen here, I finally got to check out the little white trailer on Riverside underneath the Korean grocer: "Al Pastor 5 X $5.99"

Now I don't know how I can ever trust the recommendations of anybody on this board again.
I received 5 dinky little tacos with little bits of red meat, void of any flavor except vinegar, with cilantro and onions. Not on the flour tortillas I requested, but on corn (which I detest unless crispy). Not for $5.99 as advertised on the sign (didn't see that until we left), but a whopping $8.75. And not after waiting 10 minutes, but after waiting 23 minutes.

I haven't felt so betrayed and ripped off for quite a while. Embarrassed, too, since I had to share with a co-worker who graciously also waited the 23 minutes for my order. She will never let me live this down.

Really, folks, Is this the best you got?

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  1. That's terrible. Definitely won't try that place

    1. If you're talking about a taco trailer in front of the Korean market, that's not the one that everyone talks about. The Al Pastor trailer of legend is down the street-- across Parker and in the parking lot on the other side of Church's. It's not in front of a Korean market, it's in front of a Mexican disco and the Al Pastor restaurant. And they don't run a 5 x $5.99 deal or have that on their sign. It just says "Al Pastor."

      You went to the wrong place. Try again. And yes, the right one is "the best we've got."

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      1. re: brattpowered

        Doh! [smacking forehead]

        -sw [grumble-grumble-grrrr]

      2. Granted, I've never eaten at the Al Pastor trailer (we always eat at the restaurant), but we ate there last night for dinner and it was just as doggone good as it always is. My very picky daughters ended up wolfing down three al pastor flautas each, and my husband and I were dueling for scraps of pork and leftover beans. You sure you got the right place?

        1. I've never been there, but if you want a good Taco al Pastor, check out La Moreliana grocery on South Congress. You pay at the front and take your ticket in the back to the taco counter, ask for what you want. It helps to know a little spanish. You won't be disappointed.

          Also, the El Primo taco trailer in the parking lot of the gas station/convenience store on S.1st and Live Oak has awesome Al Pastors.

          Plus, you should change your mind about corn tortillas. Just sayin'.

          1. i guess whats doubly ironic is now WE will never let you live this down. ahahahahahaha, you went to the wrong trailer! ahahahahaha!

            protip: next time, look at the address of a place before you go. also, if you had really done your research, you'd know the place is called 'rosita's.'

            and again, id like to remind you that i will remember this. ahahahaha lol

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            1. re: glorpisgod

              The "Rosita's" isn't on any of the signs anymore. But there's an "Al Pastor" restaurant in the strip mall above (to the right of a Chinese restaurant, and there's also a record store over to the right of Al Pastor), and then there's an "Al Pastor" trailer out in front in the parking lot of the strip mall.

              1. re: addlepated

                We ate at the Al Pastor restaurant and it was very meh for me. After all the raves on this board, it was incredibly disappointing.

              2. re: glorpisgod

                Glorpisgod returns!
                Where you been eating.Words?At length?Please?