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I am expanding my cooking repertoire and would like to tackle some bigger dishes, including rabbit, making my own duck fois gras and sausages, etc. Is there a stand alone reasonably priced butcher in Austin or has that gone the way of the horse and buggy? Perhaps I need to get my hunting license and do it myself?

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  1. Central Market does a pretty job with those and believe it or not HEB will special order many of those for you at a resonable price.

    Central Market
    4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX 78745

    1. If you ever venture to the downtown farmer's market, there's a farm there, Countryside Farm, that sells rabbit and duck on occasion. It's a small farm though, meaning that they will only kill their animals for sale when they feel they're ready, so availability isn't a sure thing.

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        BTW, just got back from downtown and Sebastian at Countryside has rabbits and ducks today. Also, not to be missed are his guinea hens.

        1. Bryan, the butcher at Wheatsville, has always been able to special order me any of the special cuts I've requested. (Most recently, he got me local, grass-fed tongue!) He seems to have a close relationship with his suppliers, so he can ask for things they might not normally sell.

            1. http://www.eatwild.com/ has a list of products by state. Countryside Farms number is 363-2310. I just had a hog class with Jesse Griffiths (Dai Due) yesterday and it was fantastic. In fact I just returned from the dinner he had at Springdale Farm in East Austin that featured dishes made from 1/2 of a hog (145lbs) that we (meaning he) cut up in class (although we helped to make the sausages). Over 60 people and there was food left over.
              If anyone is interested in a class to learn how to process and cook rabbits, game birds, etc. Jesse might set up a class as well as the Whole Foods Culinary Center. I'd sure be interested in taking one. If we can round up 8-10 people I'm sure some local chef would be willing to teach it.

              1. The only butcher I know in Austin is Lee's Meat Market on W. 38th. They have always been accommodating to me when I have been looking for different types or cuts of meats--I;m pretty sure they could get you anything you are looking for.