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Nov 12, 2009 08:32 AM

Crab/Lobster for cooking at home - in Calgary?

Where is the best place to buy live crab/lobster in Calgary. I am talking here from a cleanliness and value for money perspective........


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  1. Try T&T Supermarket - they have fresh seafood still in the tanks.

    1. Also try Supersatore. Their prices will vary with market, though sometimes they have very good sales on Lobster and Dungeness, with corresponding high turnover.

      1. You can't beat T&T in my opinion for turnover and freshness. Go on a weekday and you'll find they have specials all the time for live shellfish. Sometimes the price goes up $1/lb on the weekends I've noticed.

        No issue with the cleanliness of the tanks for shellfish although I probably wouldn't buy the live fish. The new T&T in Harvest Hills is better than the old one though.

        1. I would buy from T and T. I've found freshness at each Superstore depends on who the manager of the seafood department is.

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            I'd second that. Some Superstores have dreadful looking seafood departments. The newer Superstores seem to have better quality for some reason. The Superstore in the NW in Huntington has a pretty decent live seafood dept.

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              The Edgemont SS had a great seafood manager. Very fresh fish and he always got in the wild sockeye. My Dad says he's moved on to working for one of the local Chinese newspapers, so naturally the dept. has gone downhill ever since.

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              Agreed, there can be inconsistency at Superstore. They do seem to have differences store to store.

              The major problen with T & T, for me at least, is that the nearest T & T is almost a half-hour drive away, and it is the crappier of the two. The nine or ten bucks in gas doesn't really appeal to my cheap side, which is vastly larger that my have-to-have-it-at-any-price side

              Now that T & T is owned by Loblaws, I hope they raise the bar a bit overall, and put one somewhere in the south.

              The T & T in Mississauga is like a flagship store, so I know what can be done if the will is there. There would be lineups for seafood and varieties of fish and shellfish not usually seen anywhere else in the GTA such as live king crab, live shrimp and more.

            3. stay away from sobeys .they dont do seafood very well

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                +1 I haven't had good luck at Sobey's for fish either.