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Nov 12, 2009 07:44 AM

How to make sweet potatoes tasty (i.e. not so sweet)?

Hey hounds. Not a great fan of sweet potatoes (in my book, potatoes aren't supposed to be sweet -- and yes, i know they're not really potatoes), but have quite a bunch left from my last CSA pick-up. Would like to have some as a side dish with steak & salad tonight.

Roast? Pan-fry? Boil & mash?

Any recipe that UNDERplays their sweetness will be welcomed into my loving arms.

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  1. Cube and roast them, as you would with a potato, with onion, garlic, olive oil, lots of salt and pepper. Don't add anything sweet.

    1. Delicious in Beef stew.....Don't over cook!


      1. I have this sweet potato curry bookmarked 'cause I have a boatload of them from my CSA, too:

        I also have this thread from Chowhound as a favorite - lots of savory sweet potato ideas here:



        1. Make oven sweet potato fries. Peel and cut into 1/2 inch sticks, toss with a little oil, salt and pepper, lay them on a sheet pan and roast in a preheated oven for about 25 minutes, shake them once or twice. Because of their high sugar, they brown and crisp nicely.
          Although I like sweet potatoes, I found them too sweet by themselves as a side dish; cube and roast them with potatoes, other root vegetbles, onions, etc. Or make a gratin mix with potato.

          1. You want to minimize sweetness, so don't roast or fry - both of those create concentrate and caramelize the inherent sugars. Microwave, steam, or boil, then peel and mash. Top with butter or browned butter, S&P.