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Nov 12, 2009 07:41 AM

What to fry after the turkery?

Been frying turkey for about 8 years now. Got that down pat, 2 smallish turkeys (more skin) for 14 people. In the past we throw in some thick cut fries and last year a duck. The duck was great and I got it to myself as everyone was fighting over skin on the turkey when the duck was done they had dispered.

Looking for other suggestions. Only stipulation is that it's got to be fairly quick so it can get to the table while the big bird is resting. Def gonna do duck again, but what about the other fryer.

Currently we wanna try battered onion rings and pork ribs. Any other ideas? Fritters of some sort?

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  1. Mushroom/sage fritters with chopped onion and celery would go very, very nicely with turkey (I've only served these fritters with roast pork). Just take a berry/apple fritter recipe, omit sugar and fruit, and add sauteed minced onion, celery, sage, and duxelles (chopped mushrooms). We love fritters!

    Nobody ever makes deep-fried mushrooms any more! We dunk regular old white mushrooms in egg with tabasco and Worcestershire sauce in it. Dredge in corn flake crumbs and deep fry until done. For a decadent treat, top crispy-coated mushrooms with Bearnaise sauce.

    1. If you have a mandoline, make homemade potato chips. Slice potatoes paper thin, soak them in iced water, dry on paper towels, and throw them in the fryer for about a minute. Take them out when they're a shade lighter than you want to eat, because they'll brown a little more as they cool. Salt immediately and bask in the ooohs and aaahs that you made something no one makes at home anymore.

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        I second the potato chip idea. Sounds delicious!

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            All out of Oreos, how about Twinkies or Snickers :)

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              There aren't many State Fairs close to me......but the next time I see any of the three items a State Fair, Theme Park or Boardwalk.......I'm going to try them all if possible...

      2. Thins sliced and battered zucchini and eggplant topped with Parmagiano Reggiano.

        1. hushpuppies! i always liked fried zucchini too...and the mushrooms sound awesome shaogo!

          1. How about something you can fry, then freeze and store for later use? I'm thinking egg rolls specifically but chimichangas or taquitos, or samosas, might also work.

            I'm a huge fan of the fritter idea. I wonder if you could deep-fry little balls of stuffing?