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Nov 12, 2009 07:12 AM

Lunch Downtown

Does anyone know if Patina at the Disney Concert Hall is open for lunch during weekdays? I tried calling them but couldnt reach a live person.

I need to schedule a lunch for 12, downtown, within walking distance of the LA Times building on First Street. Any recs?


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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Ended up speaking to their special events department,a s I couldnt get a hold of anyone at the restaurant, where I was informed that Patina is closed for lunch and only serves dinner currently. The young lady reserved a table for 12 at Nick and Stefs for me. I had previously been there for dinner a few times, but never for lunch. I had the skirt steak salad seved on endive with roquefort, which was good, but I wish it had a bit more cheese. Others in the party had burgers, the lamb sirloin, and rib eye which is off the menu but can be ordered regardless. There was one vegetarian in the group and they composed a huge plate of roasted asparagus, brussel sprouts and cremini mushrooms which were delicious. I tasted the mac and cheese side which was pretty good as well. The service was good, the place is noisy. Ill be back. Do others like this place for lunch?

      1. re: ickster

        I'm so surprised. I've gone there for lunch a lot, and they've always been pretty busy.
        I wonder if this is permanent or temporary?

      2. How about Ciudad? They should be verrrry helpful, they have a great staff. It's across the St from the Bonaventure, that would work, right? Or Kendall's for Contemporary Traditional, I think they have a nice separate room, but I'm not sure.