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Nov 12, 2009 06:42 AM

What is your favorite "foodie" gift to give and/or receive?

With the Holidays fast approaching, I was thinking,
What is your favorite "foodie" gift to give and/or receive??

I love receiving:
Good olive oils

I love giving:
Homemade spiced nuts in a pretty jar
Homemade ginger crisp cookies

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  1. I love to receive things that I avoid buying for myself because the are baaaaad for me - alcohol and cheese, mainly. My brother gives me 5 cheeses from local farms each year - which has the added piquancy that he cannot eat cheese and this is the only time he goes into his local cheesemonger. On the flipside I hate receiving chocolate, because I'm really not all that keen on it.

    I love to give homemade goodies - everything including chutneys, pickles, cookies and cakes. Though circumstances will prevent that this year.

    Lately my friends and I don't 'do' gifts - instead we dine out in January, each picking up the others' tab!

    1. I can remember two really creatively packaged food related gifts I was lucky enough to receive. One was from my dear friend Jane for Christmas She knew I had quite the collection of houseplants and got me a cute little gardening set of tools that came inside a plastic frog. She found a wedge of cheese that resembled a lily pad and wrapped it in bright green gift wrap foil. The frog was taped down to perch on the lily pad made of cheese. The other one was from my mom at Easter. She got a really good quality colander that was bright orange and used it as my Easter basket, stuffing it with bright green Easter grass and candy. I still use that colander almost every day and it makes me smile every time I get it down from the shelf. I guess my favorite food gifts are ones that are creatively packaged to make me think of the items in a fresh new way.

      1. The BEST food gift I ever received:
        Could I say it any louder?

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          Now that IS a dream come true, the only thing close would be a good Wine of the Month about both?!?! TO ANYONE LISTENING... I don't want a diamond from Kay, a new Lexus w/a big red bow (have those commercials started yet??) just give me a hunk of awesome cheese and a great California Cab!

          1. re: care11

            As much as I would love the cheese and wine, I really could use a new car! Maybe leave a chunk of cheese and a bottle on the front seat? Thanks.

            1. re: care11

              There are also several bacon-of-the-month clubs. If my hubby wasn't borderline diabetic, I'd give that to him.

              1. re: Michelly

                What does being diabetic have to do with bacon?

                1. re: pikawicca

                  Potential weight gain from overindulgence perhaps?

          2. The best perishable food gift I ever received was from my dear departed father - a 6-qt basket of Ontario field tomatoes of several different varieties - brought to my place in relatively tomato-poor North Country NY.
            The best useful food gift was from a German friend, all kinds of German baking things - spice mix for Lebkuchen, lots of 200g blocks of marzipan, extracts, vanilla sugar, etc, packed in attractive snowman-decorated tins and accompanied by seasonal baking magazines. What a swell gift!
            Dream gift: I would be delighted to receive something I would not buy for myself, such as top of the line balsamic vinegar.
            Always on my list: marrons glac├ęs please.

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            1. re: buttertart

              Ditto on the balsamic vinegar...can't tell you how mnay times I have come close to getting a really great one, only to talk myself out of it! I have always wanted to receive Saffron...

              1. re: care11

                Last year, my sister gave me a gorgeous oblong pot filled with saffron bulbs that were just starting to develop buds. (This is especially nice because she had to take up an entire bin in her fridge fore weeks to force them because we both live in FL - crocuses need a cold snap!)
                [I'd been giving edible plants for gifts for *years* before someone took the hint!]

            2. GOOD wine. 2 buck chuck... not so much.

              Good Vodka..

              Gift Certificates to a nice restaurant!