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Nov 12, 2009 06:35 AM

Turmeric stain on plastic

I used my food processor to puree something that had turmeric in it. Now the white plastic knob attached to the processor blade is bright yellow. What's the best way to get this stain out?

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  1. That happened to me too the last week of the Indian COTM. I just thought I'd leave it and assumed that with time it would lessen. It's on my mini-processor so probably not as noticable as it would be on a larger model. I'll be making pesto either tonight or tomorrow.. I'll be interested to see if my theory works. I'll certrainly revisit your thread, tho, to see what others have to say. FWIW the stain won't affect the flavor of whatever is chopped next.

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        that's what i thought of, too. good you could find that thread, jm.

      2. I've found that my white immersion blender's stains simply fade on their own over time. I used to worry about it, but now I take the approach that it's a tool, and tools get used.

        1. No guarantees, but for this sort of stain on plastic thing, I discovered that a paper towel soaked with hydrogen peroxide, wrapped around the piece and left to completely dry out during the day (only do this on a surface that doesn't react to the hydrogen peroxide), and repeated as necessary (might take quite a few tries in my experience) works.

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            Dose it get the sent out because i have a limuted edition starbucks year of the dragon travel mug and some IDIOT put tumeric in it and now it smells snd tastes like it...


          2. Like others, I find the stain fades over time with normal use and washing. Turmeric is the worst staining ingredient I've ever seen. I can live with the stain on my processor or plastic containers or cutting board, but would never wear anything I'm not prepared to have stained yellow while cooking with the stuff. Keep that in mind when using turmeric in the future!

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              A paste of oxi-clean and water worked for removing tumeric from my white plastic cutting board so it might work on your plastic knobs as well. Let it sit for about an hour