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Nov 12, 2009 06:21 AM

Sunday Brunch in Westport, CT

Hello- we are looking for a nice Sunday brunch to celebrate our anniversary. We have been to the Hyatt in Greenwich and were looking for something different to try. We would still like it to be buffet style.

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  1. The most romantic brunch I know of is in Weston at the Cobbs Mill Inn on Route 57. You can ask to be seated either at the top or the bottom of the waterfall, where birds dabble regardless of the season. There are also several working fireplaces.

    The food was marvelous the last time we went, about a year ago. Problem is, it's not a buffet. I think that the incredible beauty of the setting outweighs the lack of a buffet.

    1. If you like rustic you might like The Red Barn in Westport. They have a nice buffet brunch on Sundays.

      1. Splash has a nice brunch buffet, although the ambience there is best during the warmer months when you can sit out on the deck overlooking the water. The dining room itself is a bit cramped, IMO.

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          Don't know of any buffet style brunches in Greenwich, but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE brunch at Versailles on the Avenue!