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Nov 12, 2009 05:37 AM

Typical Minnesota Snack Food?

Hi Community,

Can anyone recommend a typical Minnesota snack food that is:
1. Cross Culturally acceptable (no pork, no dairy/meat combos etc.)
2. Is not an allergen (peanuts, seafood etc.)
3. Is a small bite
4. Not spicy (ha, Minnesotan and spicy - I would like to see that combo - horseradish not included)
5. Suitable to bring to a kindergarten class this morning around 11 11/12/09 (I don't have time to make something time consuming)
6. Real suggestions greatly appreciated (no lutefisk, etc)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lefse with butter, cinnamon and sugar? You can buy it in the refridge case at super target.

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    1. re: babaoriley7

      Thanks! This is my stand by :) I am pretty sure I am going to go with that :)

    2. Every single thing that came to mind either had pork in it or had dairy/meat combos. I think that says something about my Minnesotan upbringing- we didn't concern ourselves (then) about Jews or Muslims. Too bad really, food may have been much more interesting.

      1. Cheese curds? (sorry this is late coming)

        How did it go?

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        1. re: Uisge

          Hello Uisge,

          It actually went well. I sold out and bought something at the store - but it was not Lefse because - well - we aren't of scandinavian decent, and I never even knew what it was until I was an adult.

          Since I can see General Mills from my house pretty much I thought that I would bring something that is made from a local company. (pearson's nut rolls - awesome but has peanuts)

          I ended up going down the snackbar isle but every snackbar had some type of allergen in it. I ended up with a kid friendly snack that was popular (and brand new) when I was a kid - Fruit Role Ups. No allergens just some hydrogenated oil. I was able to explain General Mills to the kids, and since school is in Golden Valley about 3 other kids said they had parents working there. So it was a fun homework assignment for me. It wasn't homemade, but it is a local company that employes many, many people in the TC/Nationally/Internationally. So I thought it was a fun choice.

          Oh, I thought cheesecurds as well, but the only local/MN cheesecurd company I would want to represents is Bongards Creamery (has anyone ever been out there? It is great and they sell these local homemade horseradish pickles that are amazing) and I could not find anything but their sliced cheese.

          Thanks for asking how it went!

          1. re: PlymouthGirl

            It's a nice drive out to Bongards Creamery. I used to work for the Young America Corp., and I'd pass by it all the time. I loved stopping in. There's also a llama farm out that way, and pretty Baylor Regional Park, with its awesome observatory and star-gazing parties. Do you know if the Bongard's shop is open on Saturdays? Because that would be a terrific excursion for next year's warm months (sigh.)

            1. re: PlymouthGirl

              I applaud your choice of the fruit rollups since pretty much everything is an allergen, definitely the wheat in the lefse would leave out the gluten sensitive kids. Not sure how Minnesotan fruit rollups are, but, we do eat fruit here and we would be expected to have some way to preserve it for the many months we can't grow, hey, fruit rollups would be one solution!