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Nov 12, 2009 04:50 AM

Cafe Asia

Looking for opinions....Thanks

Cafe Asia
1720 I St NW Unit Frnt, Washington, DC 20006

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  1. It can be very, very loud in there, and it's not the finest Asian food in the world, but for the price, it's nicely presented food with a lot of flavor. Skews young, and hip...Oh, and did I mention...LOUD? Good happy hour specials.

    1. It's fine. When I lived downtown it was one of the better delivery options. Agree that happy hour specials are pretty good, and I really liked the spicy Chinese ravioli.

      1. The spicy chinese ravioli is really good. I think it isn't necessary the best authentic asian food, but the food is good and the prices really fair.

        I go for sushi, especially at happy hour. They have good ordinary sushi staples, with a high turnover at that location so it is fresh. They have good sushi lunch specials. And I like many of the noodle dishes, they normally make two lunches for me.

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          Ditto about the happy hour ($2 beers and $1 nigiri). I could have sworn they raised the nigiri to $1.50, but the website still lists the same prices. That's a great deal if it still exists!

        2. A good place to go with a bunch of friends, incase some people are picky about food. A huge selection on their menu, so ppl are bound to find something they like. Ditto on the chinese ravioli. TASTY. Their Randang is pretty good too! I used to go to the Arlington one a lot more (and got delivery from them often). All in all pretty good, but it's not a go out of your way place. Their drinks are pretty yummy tho!

          1. First time today at cafe asia. Very loud but didn't mind it. However, the food leaves a lot be desire. Had the lakas (veggie version). The noodles were cooked poorly (still hard and non pliable). The gravy was not hot and worse had no flavor. Very bland. I would hesitate to go back.

            The search for good laksa continues....

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            1. re: Soup

              I hear you.

              Today I was feeling sick so we decided to order some Cafe Asia Delivery. Not ever again I believe.

              Order was:

              Octopus Nigiri
              Salmon Nigiri
              Crab Wontons (the only item I could eat again after last night, thankf to the cream cheese lol).
              Chinese Spicy Ravioli (awful, soggy, it's like a wet pork wonton with some chilli sauce)
              Chicken Pad Thai (why I bothered to order this I can't understand)
              And Summer Rolls.. (really, is it so difficult to cut off the stems when preparing such an eady roll?).

              Nothing else good to say, all I am thinking is that I am still sick and I am worried of doing any other delivery for Saturday, perhaps I should get some courage and walk to Pho75 and have soup for the rest of the day.


              1. re: helenahimm

                Pho (especially one from pho 75) does a body good.

                1. re: helenahimm

                  Aren't you kind of far from 17th and I to get delivery from there? Maybe that contributed to the soggy and unapetizing food.

                  1. re: MikeR

                    There is a Cafe Asia in Rosslyn. It may be under different ownership from the one in DC now.

                    I've never been to the one on I Street, but I can't stand the noise in the one in Rosslyn, so I haven't been in years. I seem to remember that they had a couple of good dishes (maybe fried squid?), but most are mediocre.

                    1. re: Lori D

                      Aha, then that's probably the one where she got delivery. I only mentioned I street because that's the location where this tread started.

                      1. re: MikeR

                        Ohh I live like 1 block away from the location in Rosslyn =) I went again last weekend, I ordered the Sashimi Lunch Box and the idea of having "the chef" selecting the Seafood that goes in your dish I do not like... I just didn't like the box. I ordered also crab wontons deliciousness! and the Pork Vietnamese Rolls.. ahh I could do without that.

                        My partner ordered the usual Satay combinasi w/ Fried Rice... I say don't waste those sticks on Chicken just go for the beef & pork! And the Peanut Sauce on the side, makes the whole difference in the world if you are like me and don't like sauce going all over your dish.


                        On the delivery day, I ordered it because I wasn't feeling well to go there, but trust me, never again... unless it is a pizza, delivery is something scary, I'm always unhappy at the end... they always miss something, or change something on the menu and if you complain they say "tough" and I mean this with the last experience I had with Astors, Delivery with them NEVER again... they lost me =(

                        1. re: helenahimm

                          Ive had a few chicken dishes there where they utilized that mystery meat chicken (not quite sure its dark meat, pretty sure its not white meat, what can it be)? I would say that if you want Chinese food, go up the hill to Courthouse area to TRN (next to the bagel place) or down the hill one block to the Japanese restaurant (on the same side as Safeway)....

                          1. re: ciaoda

                            Thanks for the info. Japanese restaurant? I'll have to check, I didn't know we had one in Rosslyn.

                            Now on the TRN, the Bubble Tea is lots of fun, but no delicious and the food was so sad, greasy, blend, soggy rolls sometimes, tasteless chicken or pork or beef, i tried so many...... I tried it 3 times and always dissapointed, so it's in my NoNo List =(

                            1. re: helenahimm

                              I live in Mo Co and sadly TNR puts many of our chinese options to shame. I find it ok for "americanized" chinese

                              1. re: helenahimm

                                The Japanese restaurant in Rosslyn is Kanpai - 1401 Wilson Boulevard - entrance actually on Oak Street.