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Nov 12, 2009 04:13 AM

Love Ottolenghi's , but they're closed for time we need , anywhere else like it apart from Fig & Olive Islington [London]?

I have a friend meeting me off the train at Kings Cross station and we didnt want to go to far in a taxi , preferably near or in Islington , as I can easily get home from there & she needs to get to Shoreditch by taxi again later in the evening & doesn't want the cost of the day to mount.

Ottolenghi's is perfect , as they have savoury snacks and lovely cakes and patisserie, but they close around 5 to set up for dinner and we would like to go somewhere to sit from 4-8.

I thought somewhere for tea might be nice , but we fancy something much more relaxed than say The Wolseley or Ritz.

A few weeks back we went to Fig & Olive and sadly had an incident with a fly in our food, was a real shame , as its the right kind of place for an afternoon nosh! So we wont be going back there in a hurry!

It would be great to get some suggestions , as were a bit stuck & where better to come than the wonderful chowhound for some ideas.

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  1. I can't think of anywhere quite like Ottolenghi. Best I can come up with in that area is Camino - Spanish tapas. Bit pricey, but you can stretch out the tapas to fill a lot of time: Not too far away is Cigala on Lambs Conduit Street (, again for tapas. If you don't know the street, there are lots of small cafes and pubs on there, plus some independent shops to while away the time.

    1. Compared to Ottolenghi, Cocomaya has slightly more refined technique in the baked goods and more elegant eye candy (but different types of baked items). They also offer a small selection of salads and sandwiches which are somewhat comparable to Ottolenghi in quality (but stylistically a little less exuberant) and slightly less expensive (but also a smaller serving).