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Nov 11, 2009 11:31 PM

Regarding the wild Japanese mushrooms

Without reviewing on the famous ‘matsutake’’ and look for the ‘’matsuzaka’’ beef to go with it. Just in reference on the un-known, the culinary inventions on this subject are missing. Even, the wild mushrooms have this image of poisonous or Neanderthal man image, but the best ojiya I have had was with wild mushrooms. In this classification of the parallel mushrooms,
The Tamagotake : red colored complexion, wide hat, yellowish hairy and turns yellow on hit and very good taste
The Hatsutake (=lactarius) : easy breakable flesh, more or less milk, used in local market cooking
The Hanaiguchi (=boletus) : viscous and shiny, brown foot, same family as the famous ‘’cepe’’
http://www.mush.jp/ (restaurant Mushroom in Ebisu
)As ‘’nature abhors a vacuum’’, the lucky destiny wants that wild mushrooms are largely used in cooking in good restaurant over the world, I would like to fulfill it with some comments, questions… and Japan is 70% of mountain… and humid.. and there is some region like Niigata, Akita….
For example, why not kaiseki specialities in mushrooms, risottos of wild mushrooms, …

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  1. You've outdone yourself with this posting, Ninisix!

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      Thanks Robb. I`ll be first to post then. This “ojiya” speciality was at a small place in Kyoto :