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Nov 11, 2009 11:02 PM

Durkee spices

CI says that next to Vietnamese cinnamon, Durkee brand is the best. Have looked for it @ MB, Hannaford and Shaws. Can't find it. Who sells it??

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  1. Dunno about Durkee, but Penzey's sells Vietnamese cinnamon (as well as several other kinds); you could phone the Arlington store and ask which they have in stock. I've always been very pleased with Penzey's quality and freshness.

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      Yes! Penzeys of Wisconsin is the best. To prove it, buy a little bit of any of their spices and taste and smell it next to the supermarket swill. No comparison. Their cinnamons are fantastic and they are a great company. Been buying stuff from them for at least 10 years... All their spices and blends are great and really fresh and cheap. I buy them in small bags and put in reused bottles from other uses... Their peppers, especially are good, and they have a nice variety of salts... Nice to buy from a true-blue American company in the Midwest. Their catalog is free,
      ....Nancy in WA State.

    2. What is "CI."

      You can find good soft or "true" cinnamon all over Boston. As opposed to hard or cassia cinnamon.

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        Cooks Illustrated. Would really like to try the Durkee brand. I use tons of cinammon in my granola business and would like to find a cheaper alternative thats tastes good.

        1. re: shaebones

          Hmmmm, some of the places where I see LARGE amounts of spices for reasonable money are some of the ethnic markets around town. Don't remember if it was Durkee.

          This included South American places in Allston and Eastie as well as Indian grocery stores in Waltham and the various Chinese grocery stores around town.

          Also how about some of the restaurant supply places in town.

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            Oh, yes, get thee to an Indian grocery store. Cinnamon is much, much less expensive and sooo much better. When we lived in Brookline, I went to the one on Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner. Can't recall the name but it was in the bank of shops with the Corrib Pub, dry cleaner and Vietnamese restaurant, just south of Beacon street (Alton Place is a close cross street). Now that we're in Malden I go to the Indian market on Pleasant Street.

            Corrib Pub Restaurant
            201 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

            1. re: gimlis1mum

              Seriously, don't know what is so special about Durkee Cinnamon. You can get AMAZING stuff at the Indian groceries for 1/3 the money. I often grind my own in a coffee grinder and I don't care what brand of ground cinnamon you buy, nothing beats fresh ground.

      2. I think -- emphasis on think -- I've seen institutional-size jars of Durkee spices at BJ's. We're making a BJs run this weekend and I'll be down that aisle anyway, so I'll see if I'm right and report back.

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        1. I had no idea Durkee was considered that good - they have it at Roche Bros. Now I feel better about paying what I thought was an exhorbitant amount of money for emergency cinnamon.

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          1. re: nsenada

            Sadly, not at the Roche Bros. in Burlington.

            1. re: shaebones

              Hmm - they do have it in Needham, but each RB seems to be a different animal.

          2. I looked at the article on the Cook's Illustrated website. Interestingly enough, while Penzey's Vietnamese cinnamon was their favorite, several brands that claimed to be Vietnamese cinnamon scored poorly. As the OP reports, Durkee's was in second place. I wonder why CI did not test other varieties of Penzey's cinnamon. While I do favor their Vietnamese, their China cassia is also very nice in my experience.

            When I get cinnamon from Penzey's I always get the smallest container. That way my supply is fresh. One thing that is especially nice about Penzey's is that the unit price for a small container is not very much more than the unit price of a larger jar. You do get significant savings on the bags, but at least for me they are too big; they lose flavor way before I use them up.