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Nov 11, 2009 10:10 PM

Fresh hachiya persimmons

I have fresh huge delicious hachiya persimmons. Haven't seen any hachiyas at farmers markets or stores--so I'm wondering what to charge to sell them. They're great for eating now, for pies and pudding, for drying--so delicious, and for freezing. Garden lady

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  1. Don't know but let us know where you sell them...

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    1. re: epop

      You can be my BFF if you come over to my place and take about 1 or 2 or 3 hundred off my hands ...

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I would love to help you out ipse, I am in Palos Verdes, where are you?

            1. re: epop

              Indeed, add me to the list as well!

        1. Super King has them currently featured in their weekly ad @ 2 pounds for 99 cents.

          1. FWIW, have seen them in Mar Vista Farmer's market in a couple of stands the last 2-3 weekends.

            1. Did you have personal trees or orchards? If you can't find a way to sell them, you might contact or your local food bank. Food Forward will come and pick them and donate them to a food bank.

              Most of the better farmer's markets have them right now. Not sure what they charge.

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              1. re: JudiAU

                Many vendors at the Calabasas farmers market (Sat. am) have had both hachiyas and fuyus for the last several weeks, generally around $2 a pound.

                1. re: ozhead

                  Tons of them at Hollywood Farmers Market - $1.50 was the lowest price - most were $2.00 a pound....

                  Hollywood Farmers Market
                  1600 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

                  1. re: shebop

                    they're for sale everywhere but fresh off a tree is what I'm after.

                    1. re: epop

                      Where are you epop? I have a glut...

                        1. re: lizziee

                          I've been drying them in my gas oven..takes up less space but takes a long time even with three racks going.

                        2. re: mlgb

                          Would love to help you out with your glut issue. Just dug out my recipe for persimmon pie for Thanksgiving and would love to make several. Please let me know if you would like to get rid of some - in WeHo area. Thanks!!!!

                            1. re: mlgb

                              Yes - but thanks anyway - guess I'll be heading to some farmers markets this weekend. Hope you find someone to put them to good use. Have a great Thanksgiving!

                            1. re: epop

                              LGB,,,Long Beach.. But I met a new neighbor and she had been eyeing the tree for I got rid of two bags full.

                  2. I saw them @ the Mitsuwa market in Costa Mesa for $0.99/lb.