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Nov 11, 2009 07:49 PM

Rosewater Room-Liberty Group

I am going to this venue on a site inspection for a wedding. I am wondering how the Liberty Group of caterers stacks up to ho-hum banquet food and whether or not this should be even considered. The venue looks nice on the website, atop the Supper Club, and it seems reasonably priced. We are having around 80 pp. I know Liberty does the Liberty Grand, Courthouse etc for meals. Just wondering anyones experiences either at the venue or from the food standpoint. thanks!

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  1. Every meal I've had at the Supper Club has been great. We got married at the Liberty Grand and everything met or exceeded our expectations.

    1. I went to 2 weddings there this past summer. The food was good though not amazing. It was definitely better than banquet hall food.