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Nov 11, 2009 07:15 PM

Holidays in Thailand

We will be in Bangkok for Christmas Eve and Ko Samui for New Year's Eve--any suggestions?

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  1. have a blast! That's my suggestion. Great beaches ,great food , great diving! The full moon party on Ko phangan used to be great but the last time i was there lots of trouble , that was 10 years ago. you can catch a boat from Samui for cheap and be there in 20 minutes

    1. BKK - Depends on what you want to do really! Christmas isn't a recognized holiday but you wouldn't know it walking around central with all the decorations... If you were wanting a traditional style meal lots of the hotels are doing special deals (if that is your thing.. certainly isn't mine..) Probably the best bet for a traditional meal would be a Fuzio - an upmarket Italian restaurant in Ekamai with a great view - they are doing a trad Italian Christmas dinner for 1,500 net incl a champagne cocktail

      Merry Christmas!