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Nov 11, 2009 06:43 PM

Leftover smoked bbq pork loin

My husband has built himself a smoker and is turning out amazing things. Occasionally (not often!) we have leftovers. Like tonight. We have quite a bit of leftover pork loin in the fridge. It was AMAZING and I want to do something equally amazing with the leftovers but am stumped. It has a rub on it but no bbq sauce. Any ideas out there? I'm thinking a white sauce and pasta, but would love some help...And, any other leftover bbq ideas as well!

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  1. I would suggest serving the leftover pork loin in an Al Pastor style. Thinly slice the pork loin and serve with tortillas, corn or flour, heated over a open flame. This would be complimented with your choices of Salsa, Pico de gallo, Guacomole, onions with cilantro, lime wedges, some cheese and sour cream Side it with Refried beans and rice. Muy Bueno..

    1. What's in the rub?

      Depending on what the rub is, you might want to think about taking the white sauce/pasta idea a step further and make it alfredo. Alfredo and smoked pork is a magical thing.

      1. This sounds like it would make great sandwiches. All you'd need to do is slice it.
        Why knock yourself out?

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          Smoked pork, granny smith apple, lettuce, tomato, mayo. Optional cheddar.

          On sourdough.


        2. cuban sandwiches are good for leftover roast pork

          julienned, it makes a good addition to a chinese hot & sour soup

          make a chinese rice stir-fry using diced loin

          make a nice lime juice-based sauce, along the lines of mojo or cuban pork with "sour orange" , and serve over rice.

          1. There's some good ideas above so I'll offer you some different advice.

            If/when you don't want to make something "Special" save the pork and use as a flavourizer for beans or something like that. It adds a nice smokey flavour.

            Shred it and put it on a salad.

            Also, if you have any juices in a drip pan, save those too.


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              Here is something I totally agree with. Freeze a portion of it. That smoky flavour can go in some great dishes, especially if the meat is finely diced. Omelette, bolognese, chili, even a souffle.