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Nov 11, 2009 05:32 PM

Fabi & Rosi

Has anyone been lately? Was there about three months ago and really enjoyed it, but have not been back.

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  1. I went in Sept. during restaurant week and it was great!

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      I went about 3 weeks ago for the first time and it was terrific. I had the Spaetzle and Schnitzel (sp) and was wowed. I also had the soup of the day that day which was a butternut squash bisque with crab. It was positively wonderful. My friend had the lemon verbana ravioli and that was excellent as well.

      I was actually planning on going before a show next week, but unfortunately they do take a bit of time and we don't really have it that night.

    2. I went Wednesday night with my parents and we enjoyed all of our entrees. Mom had the Spaetzle and Schnitzel and loved it. Dad had trout which was tender and flavorful. I had the Lemon Verbena Ravioli with Crawfish which was not shared with anyone else at the table because it was too yummy. And, the portion was generous (I hate it when you order ravioli as your main course and you only get three or so raviolis). Our only problem was with the service. Our waiter had to juggle our table with a table of ten and we lost out to their superior numbers. Too bad, because it definitely tainted the evening. Also, as a chocoholic, I prefer more than one choice of chocolate desserts on the menu, but that's just me! The chocolate mousse was creamy, rich and decadent.

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        I went about 2 months ago also, and I really enjoyed it. It fills a niche that needs filling in Austin, which is affordable fine dining. It's a nice place, but not overly fancy, and the prices are very moderate. I had the spaetzle and schnitzel, and I enjoyed it very much. I also liked the lavender creme brulee more than I expected (I was afraid it would be perfume-y, but it was very subtly flavored). The big revelation of the night, however, was the mussels in savory white wine broth, from the appetizer menu. It was a large bowl filled with freshly steamed mussels swimming in a very rich broth. The waiter brought a second bread basket without being asked, and my friend and I went through the entire basket just sopping up that broth! When the waiter saw that we still had broth, he immediately offered to bring us yet another basket of bread, and we would have been tempted except for the fact that we had already ordered entrees, and we were afraid we would be too full when they arrived. I seriously could have made a meal of those mussels and a basket of bread. I think the dish cost $9, and it was almost twice as big as i expected for that price...probably 25 or so mussels.

      2. Tried Fabi & Rosi for the first time last night. Was expecting something similar to Justine's, was pleasantly surprised to find that Fabi is its own thing. As others have said, the ambiance is a blend of modern white booths/tables and 1920's style crystal chandeliers, black and white stripe fabrics. The amuse was a little crustless leek quiche which was one of my favorite parts of the meal. Perfectly salty and oniony in flavour, smooth in the mouth with no tough bits of leek. Our table ordered the $11/glass Bordeaux, which was very good: bold, jammy. Had the olive and nuts appetizer which satisfied that desire to nibble before the entrees. Olives were served cold, and, while tasty, still paled in comparison to the roasted olives I had at Jezebel recently (review of the Jezebel 4-course coming eventually...). Bread and butter were served-- can I just say I love their garlic butter blend? Very garlicky, served smooth and whipped at room temp, but there was also an almost yoghurty tang to it. I couldn't tell if it was just unpasteurized, or mixed with olive oil or aioli or what. My senses failed me in figuring out what they did to it, all I know is it was damn good. Our table ordered the grass fed NY strip on top of greens w/sweet potato fries, and the Vegetable Cottage Pie. I should mention that I was surprised by the large portions. They weren't over the top, but definitely bigger than your usually fine dining places, and you will definitely leave feeling full. Unfortunately, the giant strip was not a huge hit, being a bit tough, but not inedible, served with a pan sauce. All the vegetables were perfect-- the greens that came with the steak were a huge hit. The cottage pie was served in a generously sized crock, filed with roasted root vegetables, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and brussels sprouts (which I usually hate!) in a tarragon-tomato sauce, topped with fancy piped mashed potatoes, browned. Basically Shepherd's Pie.

        Dessert was the Chevre Tart with gingerbread crust & Candied Meyer Lemon on top. creamy, nice use of chevre to balance out the strong flavour of the ginger. Oh, and someone said they wished for more chocolate desserts on the menu: as a non-chocoholic, I actually felt the opposite! Pleased by so many creamy, cheesy, and fruity choices. Next time I will try the apple streudel with vanilla ice cream.

        All in all, excellent affordable fine dining, as angusb said. Less than $70 for a nice celebratory multi-course meal (with wine) for 2.

        Fabi and Rosi
        509 Hearn St, Austin, TX

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        1. re: femmenikita

          Wife and I went last night, and I have to agree with a lot of what's already been said here. Ambience here is great. Dolled up Clarksville home, with a nice unique color scheme and decor. The crowd seemed to lean heavily toward Westlakers.

          The amuse bouche and the bread/butter were as femmenikita described, so I won't repeat too much here. We shared a nice bottle of Pinot for $28, and the olives & nuts app set us back $4. The nuts were plain mixed nuts, nothing special. The olives were straightforward, too.

          I ordered the jagerschnitzel and spatzle based on all the glowing reviews. I thought the plate was a bit of a mixed bag. The hand-made German pasta was the star - perfect texture and flavor, and tossed with light sauce and well-sauteed mushrooms. The schnitzel though, I thought left something to be desired. Not offensive, but not great either. After a few bites I was peeking around the table for a salt shaker (there was not one). It was fried well, it just could have used a good dose of seasoning. Wife ordered steak frites, and the waiter kindly informed her that it was ribeye tonight, so fair enough, we would expect a fattier cut of meat. Much of the steak was pretty inedible though. The fries were pretty middle of the road, which was also a little bit of a disappointment.

          We finished with a creme brulee, which was nice, and a french press of coffee. All of that was $77, which didn't sting too bad, I thought. I think if you order the right items and go into it expecting what another poster said was "affordable fine dining", you'll have a pleasant time. Not a lot here to wow you, but nothing terribly offensive either. Bonus points for having a few nice German and Texas beer selections on the menu to supplement the wine! It seems like too many places around town are kicking beer to the curb on their menus.

          Fabi and Rosi
          509 Hearn St, Austin, TX

          1. re: jwynne2000

            One nitpicky note: The home may be Clarksville in style, but it is located west of Clarksville in the pocket neighborhood known as Deep Eddy. On the night I went, the crowd was evenly split between Westlake and Hipster.