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Feb 14, 2005 11:45 AM

Sushi Karen

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Anyone been to Sushi Karen on Washington in Culver City?

I think it is new.

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  1. Yes.
    And, yes, it's good.

    I haven't ventured beyond the assorted sushi plate ($10 for lunch) but it's tasty & it's good quality.

    I'm REALLY picky about my Japanese food (I'm 1/2 Japanese) and I keep going back!

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    1. re: WTW

      anybody know if they've picked up liquor license yet?

      1. re: biffbruin

        The sign in the window and in the restaurant itself says that they're now serving beer and sake (no taps visible so I assume bottles/cans only).

        1. re: WTW

          The sushi there is Awsome! and YES the serve beer and wine now. Check it out if you get a chance. Very afordable and very fresh!


          1. re: mac.mac

            It's my favorite sushi restaurant in L.A. (and I've been to many)! Very fresh. Rarely crowded. It's been a little busier since they got their liquor liscence at the end of December, but it's still a relatively well kept secret.

            You must try the seared tuna. And you can't go wrong with the rainbow roll.

            The sake selection ranges from $4 bottles to $94.

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      1. after reading the rave reviews on chowhound, I tried this place tonight and it was AMAZING! I am somewhat of a sushi nazi and this place exceeded my expectations. I can't emphasize enough how FRESH the fish was with GENEROUS portions. the sashimi salad had atleast 14 pieces in it (every time I counted I counted more), the scallop sushi wasn't the typical chopped up bits in mayo but a REAL slab of scallop that was succulent and sweet, the albacore melted in my mouth, amberjack was a cross between red snapper and yellowtail with a good kick, and the GOODNESS the UNI! it was the BEST uni I have ever had (from channel islands). I've had this uni before at other places but it was obvious this was extremely fresh and chef toshi gave us generous portions (double to triple what they give u at sushi komasa). it tasted clean, buttery, and so smooth I started doing the happy dance and had to have another order even though I was stuffed at the gills at the end of my meal. the waitress couldn't help but laugh as she saw me do the happy dance prior to, while eating, and after finishing the uni. will DEFINITELY be returning!!! and chef toshi was so friendly!! :)

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        1. re: olivexjina

          lol, i love your review. i'll have to check them out one of these days and it sure helps that one of my favorite's is uni. =)

        2. i love this place. Chef Toshi is the nicest guy and loves to talk (if you initiate). he gives nice cuts. this is my homeroom sushi joint. always fresh. i basically go here when i can't afford sushi zo.